Huzhou 30 year old guy love cheongsam annual sales or will break the 300 thousand douke

Huzhou 30 year old guy love cheongsam sales or will break the Wang Wei and cheongsam 300 thousand. In the Huzhou science and Technology Bureau of Deqing County science and Technology Park three two floor of a room, wearing "I am manager Wang" guy Wang Wei was busy with orders, arrange samples. The origin of the first prize of Qipao Wang Wei was born in 1987 three in Deqing people, after graduating from college, worked in the hotel, opened a barbecue shop, make foreign trade, but he has always been a dream. In 2014, Wang Wei returned to Deqing, because of the experience of home textile and garment industry as he chose their own entrepreneurial direction. He traveled to Shanghai, Shaoxing and other places to find good fabrics and factories, from 200 pieces of pure modal T-shirt start. Initially, he did not calculate what costs, just think how to attract customers. The first batch of 200 clothes soon sold out, he added 3000 Strike while the iron is hot., who knows but not sell. "You can’t put your eggs in one basket." Wang Wei reflections on the problem. Once, a customer who wants to participate in the competition of the literature and art talks with Wang Wei in the small talk can help to make a dress for her. Wang Wei did not come into contact with the cheongsam try holding the mentality in the online self-learning cheongsam doorway. But the cheongsam is a professional production of very strong technology, self-study without fruit Wang Wei did not give up. He went up to Jiangsu, Shanghai and other places to visit Suzhou and Shanghai cheongsam cheongsam artist, in selected beautiful main color, and discuss the design of cheongsam master, ask them to create a beautiful yellow cheongsam show. Who would like to, female customers in the competition won the first prize, inadvertently helped Wang Wei’s cheongsam hit the ad. Since then, he and cheongsam knot, orders one after another. The development of cheongsam cheongsam out of the tailor shop is a modern Chinese traditional dress, can not be done in accordance with the uniform size, requiring close fitting, but the high-end custom is too expensive, limiting the purchase of a lot of female customers. Wang Wei is another way to give up the idea to put stores, sales on the street cheongsam humble tailor shop. Cheongsam should be packaged for sale, how can you put it in a tailor’s shop? At that time a lot of people questioned. Wang Wei observed that the tailor made clothes to have spotted the tailor craft, but not necessarily fit on the cheongsam tailor shop, and try on the spot after modification, the perfect solution to the size of the embarrassment of cheongsam. In fact, his decision is correct, customers in a continuous line. Silk fabric personally checks to allow the designer to design the young with modern aesthetic cheongsam, and invited the Shaoxing cheongsam teacher to do crafts, back part of Deqing studio sales, combined with foreign season to export a part of cheongsam…… These are Wang Wei’s unique business. Now he has more than 40 employees, this summer only Deqing cheongsam sales reached 160 thousand yuan. In the face of Deqing’s "dress hot", by the end of this year, Wang Wei intends to increase 100 cheongsam for sales exceeded 300 thousand yuan. In addition to other cotton company cheongsam, clothes, uniforms and other products factory orders also receives more more. Wang Wei said: "I think the clothes have a life, you have a sincere attitude towards it, it will make you more harvest." Next, he wanted to make "cheongsam Deqing taste", in their own dress in germany.相关的主题文章: