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Jiaozhou villagers dug ponds found suspected wood fossil rocks billion recently, Jiaozhou Xinzhuang village Jiaolai Town Village in the south of the village on a pond renovation mining, from the soil found a dark brown texture of rocks. Yesterday, the reporter learned from the Jiaozhou Municipal Museum, after the preliminary appraisal, this is already on the rocks billion years of petrified wood, wood for what remains to be further studied, which provides a physical basis for the study of local ancient geographical environment. The black rocks dug pond renovation Xinzhuang village is located in Jiaozhou Jiaolai town south of the village around here are mostly in the cultivation of potatoes, onions and cabbage and other vegetables economy, a month ago, in order to facilitate irrigation of farmland, the village decided to the south of the village of a small pond renovation began. "The pond to dig down more than 10 meters deep, so as to find water, unexpectedly dug the rocks." Yesterday, the 55 year old xinzhuangcun Jiaolai town villagers Han Xinzheng told reporters that the village began to dig a pond, as long as nothing, the villagers come to see. A few days ago, the excavator dug soil, he found it wrapped with a dark brown texture of rocks. "Before, I also heard of petrified wood, this stone looks like, with your hands off, but also broke off some powder, which is not ready to let people take home to see." Lao Han said. Identification of wood fossils these days billion, in order to find out the identity of rocks through the town, the old Han an acquaintance found the Jiaozhou City Museum expert to identify it, just know this strange stone is a wood fossil billion years. Yesterday, in the old Han Jia Li, I saw this piece of wood fossil palm size, diameter more than and 10 cm, seven or eight cm thick, weighs about 1 kg. Its overall texture is hard, dark brown, compared with the weight of ordinary stones to light some, gently tapping with the hand and crisp echo. From the top and side, there is a clear texture like wood rings. "Before, in Jiaozhou we had found the fossil wood texture and structure, from its point of view, this should be a piece of fossils, but compared to those found before, the darker in color." Yesterday, the Jiaozhou museum curator Wang Lei said. The wood remains to be further studied yesterday, a reporter from the Jiaozhou Jiaolai town government was informed that as early as 20 years ago, the local has also in Xinzhuang village in this pond found some dinosaur fossils of rib. "From time to time, the dinosaur fossils and this piece of wood fossils are almost a period, so it is not surprising to find it, but this fossil to study the local environment has a very high value." Wang Lei said, as early as one hundred million years ago in ancient times, due to changes in the earth’s crust, in high temperature and high pressure, oxygen off these specific conditions, some are directly destroyed trees buried in the ground and they formed the fossils, this provides a physical basis for the study of ancient Jiaozhou, the local climate and geographical evolution of species. Next, further research is needed on this fossil wood. Reporter Mou Chengzi photo coverage相关的主题文章: