Ji’nan more than 22 years old unmarried persons or property buyers encounter obstacles usher in cool beself

Ji’nan: more than 22 years old unmarried persons or in case of obstacles to usher in the purchase of the property market cooling Qilu network October 9th hearing the introduction of the purchase of the rules, the property buyers and the real estate market have had no small impact. Implementation of the first day of the new deal, policy research is not thorough, inadequate material preparation, so that some people unprepared. According to the "good morning Shandong" reported that a Ji’nan people said: "too much now, just because the first working day, so I don’t know, I am blind, feeling the stones, do not too smooth." Due to the purchase of information can be limited to married persons and 18 years of age to the age of 22 or single men and women of the age of 20. 22 years old unmarried persons or encounter barriers to purchase. The public sector in Shandong signed column be taken by surprise to suspend real estate Shao Shujing told reporters: "is that the Civil Affairs Bureau on the unmarried proof, so that now the policy, you cannot define a single, are you married or not married, this one is a challenge, is the hope that the government can coordinate the unmarried the definition of a proof, can." Missed before October 3rd net signed, Mr Zhou citizens chagrin. After the purchase, the purchase down from 20% to raise to 30%, followed by financial pressures. Ji’nan people Zhou: the down payment increased from 20% to 30%, but it is a sudden increase in holidays, to our surprise. As a working class, which is not a small figure 100 thousand." The purchase will also make a lot of people lose their qualifications. The purchase began in October 3rd, 3 days after the net qualified buyers will face the new audit, if you do not meet the purchase requirements, to handle network signed in October 14th before the revocation. At the same time as the purchase information query system is upgrading test, immediately suspend real estate network. Shandong real estate column Shao Shujing said: "we signed a loan, there are said to have been completed, may belong to the purchase, if not done in this part of the network, will be stopped." The wait-and-see increased property or usher in cool since the afternoon of October 2nd Ji’nan version of the purchase order issued, the property market in Ji’nan net signed volume decreased rapidly. In October 2nd, residential net signed volume of 1652 units, 7 sets of net signed volume dropped to 167. After the policy, the Ji’nan property market will be how to develop, more people hold a wait and see attitude. Shaw said: because the policy has just come out, we have not made a decision, then wait and see all of a sudden." Experts, this round of purchase, the market has cooled. Li Tiegang, Professor of economics at Shandong University, said: in this country to cool down the environment, Ji’nan in the cooling, I feel this temperature will certainly come down." Pour cold water, lower expectations, a series of policies to guide the healthy operation of the real estate market. Shandong real estate column Shao Shujing said: "I think the government regulation of the real estate, or to correctly guide the consumer to the real estate investment oriented, or just need to protect, to crack down on the investment behavior." Li Tiegang, professor at the school of economics at Shandong University, said: "the first blow to the market over investment and excessive speculation to stabilize the market"相关的主题文章: