Kou Shibasaki starring drama ice zhe Sawamura Kazuki ca1805

Kou Shibasaki starring drama "ice" Sawamura Kazuki Kou Shibasaki Tuzecun zhe cooperation tree data for Sina entertainment according to Japanese media reports, actress Kou Shibasaki filming TV Asahi 65 anniversary special play "ice" track, as lonely Interpol, in collaboration with actor Sawamura Kazuki, in the filming of the drama continued below freezing cold Hokkaido Kushiro City, starring the next launch taiga drama "female tiger" Kou Shibasaki’s straight put a lot of effort for this drama. "The ice point" screenplay by Naoki prize writer Sakuragi is purple creation, Kou Shibasaki in the play as her mother’s face and name all don’t know, only the blood’s death. The new police story in the door is really by continuous killings as the main line, a long history about the. This is Kou Shibasaki in January last year after the broadcast of the "OO" after his wife again starring drama, filmed in extremely cold Hokkaido, played by Sawamura Kazuki’s predecessor, is a trusted elite Interpol, starred in the drama and Yoki Miko, as the aquatic products processing company long. Kou Shibasaki day wearing gorgeous costumes, but also made a lot of action, repeat every day high strength work, and there were no brokers to follow, Kou Shibasaki said: "this is to give me a good stimulus, loneliness and really let me by this persona." Long time filming also let Sawamura Kazuki feel good, he said: "so you can concentrate on work, I still experience for the first time during the day below the freezing point of feeling, a ten minute walk to the ears are frozen out." The drama directed by "grasshopper", "brain man" and other works of director Takimoto Chiyuki, will pass through the Warring States period next year to become straight tiger Kou Shibasaki first to "lonely Crane" identity let the audience indulge. (Brit) (commissioning editor: maiko) statement: sina.com.cn exclusive articles, the prohibition of unauthorized reprint.相关的主题文章: