Mentally retarded men lost their home, the police rolled 50 kilometers overnight escort home-oembios.bin

Retarded man lost country night police rolling 50 kilometers to escort home on October 22nd, Dawu County Liu set a police station to verify the lost days of mentally retarded man identity information in a timely manner, removed the night of 4 towns more than 50 kilometers, will be the man to a family. 14 pm the same day, Liu set the jurisdiction of the police station received the alarm residents, said Gang street there is a suspected mental illness man in the street yelling, after police arrived at the scene about their identity, the man ignored. The police bought biscuits and water, asked the man to eat, and took the opportunity to ask the identity and address information, the man said a long time only said mother called Xiao Dong, police followed the man back to the police station for further processing. In the police arrange special nursing man at the same time, fuzzy query by the population system, after careful inquiry, the same household staff Dawu County Feng Dian Zhen named Mou Xiaodong Lee photos and the man looks similar, the police immediately made contact with the police station by Feng Dian, village cadres to verify the identity of a man after the confirmation for lee. 7 o’clock that night, the police immediately drove around more than 50 kilometers the man sent home, the family thanks to the police repeatedly. Scan code attention [big Chu Xiaogan], for more information!

智障男子走失他乡 民警连夜辗50公里转护送回家10月22日,大悟县刘集派出所及时核实了一名走失多日智障男子的身份信息,连夜辗转4个乡镇50多公里,将男子送到家人身边。当日下午14时许,刘集派出所接到辖区居民报警,称会岗街道有一名疑似精神疾病的男子在街上大吼大叫,民警到达现场后询问其身份,男子不理不睬。民警买来饼干和水,问男子想不想吃,并借机询问其身份、住址信息,男子说了半天只称母亲叫晓东,民警随后将男子带回派出所再作处理。民警在安排人员专门看护男子的同时,利用人口系统进行模糊查询,经过仔细查询,大悟县丰店镇一名叫某晓东的同户人员李某照片与该男子相貌相似,民警随即与丰店派出所取得联系,通过村干部核实男子的身份后确认为李某。当晚7时许,民警立即驱车辗转50多公里将男子送回家中,其家人对民警连声感谢。扫码关注【大楚孝感】,获取更多新资讯!相关的主题文章: