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"Miss Tim" Pelosi will reflect Burton revealed from the life in the cemetery – Sohu entertainment "Pei Miss fantasy Castle" will be released in December 2nd of foreign media evaluation of the film as "a fantasy version of" X "X-Men" Sohu entertainment Tim Burton’s masterpiece, "Pelosi Miss fantasy Castle" will be released in December 2nd. In September 30th, the film was shown in other global markets after two consecutive weeks at the global box office champion. This movie by Asha Butterfield (Ande’s works "game"), EVA Green ("007 works: War, Casino Royale") Samuel Jackson (works of "the Avengers") who starred in. People mention Tim – Burton ‘s film, saying "Goth", "dark", "weird". His works have a deep personal style brand. Strange characters his best brain hole wide open story and strange gothic atmosphere, a department of the Ministry of magic and fantasy film, whether it is in "Edward Scissorhands", "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory", "big fish", or "Alice in Wonderland", let not little fans offer to one have a unique style of the classic. His works with exaggerated color, whimsical characters, different styles of dress, and touched the hearts of the audience, touch people’s tears. Venice Film Festival president Marco Muller had of Tim Burton is the most courageous, one of the most imaginative and most innovative film, because of his fantasy and passionate imagination and unique visual style has won many fans. Director Tim – Burton to create a fantasy world, said in an interview, he grew up in the cemetery, which for other people, perhaps a very strange thing, but he did not feel that the. When young, his room was inexplicably nailed to a lot of parents of wood, only two seams let him see the outside world. All the life of childhood experiences may also make him full of fantasy and dark fairy tale style of thinking. "Miss Pei fantasy Castle" adapted from the best-selling novel, has published Chinese version, called "strange house girl", a girl in the book, lighter than a goose feather on the back of the mouth, to eat, Lolita girl eyed monster and so on, and time (loop time circle) "burning brain" set many fans believe that, I’m afraid no more than Tim Burton is more suitable for the director to shoot the eye-opening people’s story. "Miss Pei’s fantasy Castle" mainly tells Jack’s grandfather from the time of his childhood, he would often say the bedside story to him, there are many children with special abilities in the story of Jack. Grandpa after the mysterious death, leaving about this belong to another world all the mystery of clues, Jack followed these clues into the mysterious world, found that this group of strange children are real, they are here in order to avoid the terrible monster variation, the monster will eat ability children’s eyes. With the arrival of Jack, the danger arrived at the same time, Jack needs to work with these children, against the dark forces. When the media mentioned "Pelosi Miss fantasy Castle" as "a fantasy version of" X "X-Men", Diablo style is only suitable for adults when.相关的主题文章: