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"My war" release tomorrow scene copy from rolia Sina entertainment news "my war epic war" will be released tomorrow Mid Autumn Festival stalls full version, officially started viewing boom of the first shot! The film by Hongkong director Pang [micro-blog] directed by famous writers, Liu Heng himself, and assembled a powerful actor Liu Ye [micro-blog] [micro-blog], Wang Luodan, Huang Zhizhong, Tony Yang, Ye Qing [micro-blog] [micro-blog], Wang Longhua, Zhang Shan, Geng Le [micro-blog], Guo Jinglin co starred in. The five aspect of the Korean War blockbuster first ultimate decryption, they tear heart burst, people really bloody military burn shock! One point: smoke billowing! Gunfire licks the heavens! Epic war scenes of shock exciting years ago "Rage sing hero" "hero hymn" still echoed in the ears. Now "my war" will be released, the film gathered many elite, to restore the real war, lead the audience into the most shocking "war" battlefield. "My war" in the winter of 2015 shooting, which lasted 118 days. Peng Shun director is more strict requirements on the shooting scene, adhere to the real shooting, no special effects, trying to restore a true war scene, each burst and fire are real blasting and petrol bombs, no wonder Liu Ye himself admitted that "we are very happy fried fried director". Real shot hard, the audience obvious to people! 20 degrees below zero, in a world of ice and snow water, mountain climbing and hiking trip, the actors are the most bitterly cold feeling, a lot of blasting play is to let the audience keenly aware of to shock the invasion of the earth trembled and the mountains swayed, suffer hunger and cold, the audience seemed to be in the border, experience this cruel war. Aspect two: bloody romance! "I want to kiss you and love is the most beautiful love scene cruel battlefield as" my war "in the" second battlefield ", let the audience feel the beauty and desire in addition to Gunfire licks the heavens. war. In the film, Liu Ye plays Sun Beichuan and Wang Luodan’s summer Meng is a fellow, from the beginning of summer sun Meng abandon Kitagawa Ta rude to two alternate feelings, reducing the most touching romantic color battlefield "". The battlefield is closest to death. Here, but the survival of life is a moment! But in such a cruel environment, love is pure and direct. The expression of love, Sun Beichuan Jiujin said, I want to kiss with Meng three summer. This is the war, this is love under the war, there is no so-called cover up, like to say directly. "I want to kiss you" is the most beautiful cruel battlefield of love! The war theme in emotional scenes are more difficult to interpret than the general theme, in the special age factors, each other mostly originated from the worship and admiration, this love naturally brought war unique revolutionary feelings of color. Three things: "Asian ghosts write hymn hero first view zhichuo heart of Asia" ghost "Peng Shunnai of Hongkong" genius "director, he will direct the war tragic thrown to the audience, giving a" atypical "with real human hero. From the small space to avoid vast battlefield fighting, bring the audience is not the same as the war!相关的主题文章: