National examination registration today, the end of 27 jobs in Liaoning zero (video) htc802w

National examination registration today ended Liaoning 27 positions zero enrollment exam enrollment enrollment today has exceeded the number of millions of 24, 18, the national civil service exam enrollment channel will be officially closed in 2017. As of yesterday, 16 o’clock, the national examination enrollment of more than 102 people through the audit, more than last year’s 1 million 10 thousand. Involving the number of candidates to apply for the trial has reached more than 4.5 people, there are still no one to apply for the position of 27. Based on previous experience, the 24 daily will show blowout, or network congestion. [National] the hottest jobs than 7555:1 as of 23 on the day of 16, the national examination enrollment through a total of 1021833 people, the average competitive ratio of 37.76:1, slightly higher than the same period last year 36:1. "The NLD central office reception director and following a post to continue to sit tight the hottest position of the" top ", the job plan recruiting 1 people, currently have a trial for the number 7555. From 2012 to 2016, the hottest jobs peak appeared in the 9411:1 2013 NBS Survey Office in Chongqing "the position, close to the" one in a million". And this year’s hottest position has now reached 7555:1, exactly how much to climb the peak, you need to wait and see". Public education experts said that last year there are 4 positions of the register number exceeded 2000, this year only 3 jobs exceeded 2000, the hottest job competition than 1261:1 and ranked second 7555:1 compared to the gap for the calendar year, national examination is rare, it also shows that the Gwageo "Lengrebujun" trend is more obviously. [local] no candidates for more than 16 of the local grassroots level as far as the end of 23, the number of people involved in the system to apply for the trial of the Liao Dynasty to reach the number of people over the same period last year, less than 3000 people. There are still 27 positions no one to apply for, mainly in remote grassroots units. From the point of view, the State Taxation Bureau of Liaoning Province, the number of applicants is still the most, 15914 people have been approved; "Shenyang Railway Public Security Bureau" followed by 8601 people over the trial; the State Taxation Bureau of Dalian ranked third, 8559 people over the trial. The trial had the largest number of jobs in the "police" Shenyang Railway Public Security Bureau of Jilin Railway Police Department line jingwuou post, there are 1004 people over the trial, the job plan recruiting 4 people, competition is about 251:1. The degree of competition, "Liaoning Reserve Materials Management Bureau Security Department Director and following a post heat continuously, a total of 594 people through the audit, the competitive ratio 594:1. But compared with last year, the heat is not high, at this time last year, the degree of competition has reached thousands of miles pick a. [remind] today before 18 may also be reported today for the country to test the final day of enrollment, education experts believe that the letter, it is likely to occur blowout situation. To remind the country want to participate in the examination of the candidates to take the time to sign up today, before 18, application has not been examined or not through the qualification examination, can change at other positions, but after 18 to 26 days 18 when, although also qualification, but the candidates did not review the application or not through the qualification examination, can not to report other positions. Chinese public education expert analysis, from the application.相关的主题文章: