National first love Pei Xiuzhi’s baby muscle anyway I was learning to set it! mycoolboy

Pei Xiuzhi national love baby I am learning muscle! [Reuters] – Sohu bazaar Pik Ying immediately while summer vacation is over, but how can we recall the summer little drama company, "" pay attention to any attachment strong male and female squad in the play have attracted a lot of Yan dog, both China and South Korea also show, so is the debut All kill ratings! For me, such as Yan dog, the story is Marysu I Don ‘t care! Fish cake Obama legs and Suzy’s beauty is not the reason to give up the chase drama! Especially Suzy again to refresh the record of the yen value, more and more beautiful rhythm small has been unable to look away. Since the introduction of architecture "Suzy", became a Korean national love, natural and beautiful face, as if the youth had a crush on the girl next door, with a pure sense of summer breeze, a cosmetic face talent shows itself in the South Korean actress, has become the main trend of popular actor. The "arbitrary" attachment from the story is nothing new in the love scene, the feeling is to show wisdom tailored, this look at the face of the era, Yan value is justice, and then the old story of high value, strong acting Yan women also can let the audience accept the bill, the fact that Suzy did! Plus Suzy fresh makeup, is also to the drama of this grand slam! From the modeling perspective, in order to show pure, show wisdom of the image is really light to no, it is simply the degree of color, but small series or found a lot of care. Suzy in the makeup is simply to Guadan, almost is the makeup of the state, even just a hint of Eyeliner eyeliner, the most eye-catching is that even if the makeup is so weak, Suzy skin is good to light. Show not only the color of the skin white, but very smooth and delicate, even the pores are not seen, in South Korea, the envy of glutinous rice cake skin, described is the time to show this kind of delicate skin wisdom. This super close-up is also no pressure, in addition to a shadow if the present inside the eye liner, show wisdom fully use the skin high color value propped up the screen. HOW TO GET secret interview baby muscle some people will ask, will also have the voiceover into chaos, each expression of Suzy are super cute! The expression of management is really awesome! Voiceover: what is the secret of beauty? Show wise some shy bow. Although the wisdom of the original show is very good, usually pay attention to add moisture and whitening. Voiceover: ah? Whitening? You are going to become more white ah? Said the voice of the masses to eat melon ah! Talk about a good skin, it should be from the skin inside the same light, said the show is such a skin chi. Next, Suzy introduced a cream products to us, this cream special place is that it is the main effect of granular substances is white. Suzy: "it looks like a pearl earrings, good-looking? But I want to crush!" Voice: why? Good pity oh ~.相关的主题文章: