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New A4L to protect the throne or brand? Sohu new car A4L to protect the throne or brand? Q – car city hot (100) He Lun ————————————————————————————————– new A4L to keep your throne is not difficult…… But the more important task is how to enhance the brand strength by product advantage, rather than to keep the throne at any price war. ————————————————————————————————– domestic Audi A4L replacement is a major event in the luxury car market. The industry is most concerned about is whether it can be in China midsize luxury (B level luxury car market to the king). Q: what do you think of the new generation of Audi A4L products? Answer: the European version of the A4 test in Venice at the end of last year, running speed, and the mountain city more than and 300 kilometers of road, the overall feeling of a strong product. The impression is that the high speed ultra stable, wind noise is also very small, give a person a kind of I in the car never relaxed, confident and comfortable; on the other hand, running the mountain by the motion mode, and handy, easy enough. A Audi technical experts said that such excellent experience is mainly due to the use of the new A4 and five link suspension, in addition to the 0.23 ultra low drag coefficient. As for domestic Audi A4L did not try. After lengthening drag has no change before and after the five link suspension can make nothing of it, but at the same level is undoubtedly the best. In addition, 140 kW 2.0T European version of A4 100 km fuel consumption is only 5.4-4.8 liters, while the domestic A4L of the Ministry of fuel consumption of 5.9 liters, a difference of about 16%, but no matter what, are the lowest level. Q: the new A4L gave up the CVT, using a dual clutch gearbox, how do you feel? Answer: Audi multitronic CVT is very fuel-efficient, after the start, accelerate the linear sense of power and comfort strong, but weakness is in the forward or reverse has just started when the throttle is not easy to control, easy to appear into action. The 7 speed S dual clutch gearbox tronic A4 is not the problem, and accelerate the heart should be no feet, low speed dual clutch gearbox is the fault — messy sense of frustration, seemingly, Audi has the dual clutch gearbox and engine to the top. Perhaps because Venice is less traffic, even if there is little plugging, vehicles will not disorderly and stop, so no chance to taste the taste of low speed cadence. Of course, the domestic A4L is sure to do local road adaptability adjustment, the effect of how to experience the line. This.相关的主题文章: