New clothes style also made the heart more than the United States – Lin Chiling help public entertai yo te amo

"New clothes" also made other heart Lin Chiling help charity more than us Sohu Lin Chiling entertainment charity bazaar   Sohu entertainment news "my new clothes" (the original "goddess’s new clothes", season third) last week magnificent return opening screen mode are burning! New upgrade program, the spirit of "other also made the heart" concept, starting from the charity, eventually all the goddess of the original "new clothes" of the auction proceeds to charity. As a permanent resident of the season, grace Lin Chiling said in an interview that the original intention to join the program is to help charity. But on the night of the night bazaar charity activities, "my new clothes" program producer Cao Qing Lin Chiling to attend the activities and donations "my new clothes" ambulance team, for the love of the alliance. In order to convey the public programs in the fashion theme, bazaar Charity Night activities, "my new clothes" producer Cao Qing also came to the scene, together with sister Zhi Ling donated "my new clothes" ambulance. Program called on the public to pay attention to the United States but also focus on charity and public welfare. The concept of "other programs and also made the heart" is not the same, as a variety of fashion, "my new clothes" not only to create beauty, pay more attention to the internal transfer of beauty and love. Goddess Lin Chiling has not only been committed to the cause of public welfare, but also to the staff around the special affinity. During the program recording, the goddess of caring for all the staff to prepare coffee and snacks, but also personally delivery. Not only that, the goddess also viewed their Icon team as a big family: patient guidance model walk in the model, fainted when the whole guard around…… Graceful goddess Ling sister no goddess shelf. The goddess of the attitude and move with the theme "season pass my new clothes" the positive energy and warmth agree without prior without previous consultation, full. Gorgeous return this season show not only from the lighting designer team, aspects of optimization and upgrading, is to deepen the social significance of the variety show, called for more audience watching "my new clothes" at the same time, feel the charm of fashion, the real value of the transmission of public service.相关的主题文章: