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October 1st   once again raise the special allowances for people.com.cn — Hainan window — people.com.cn Ministry of civil affairs, the Ministry of Finance issued a notice on the part before, once again raise the pension and living allowances for entitled groups and other personnel. From October 1st onwards, the disabled persons (disabled servicemen, disabled, disabled people’s police state personnel, militia migrant workers disability disability pension) standard, the "three" (survivors of martyrs, because of the expense of military survivors, survivors of deceased soldiers) regular pension standards, "three red" (Red Army veterans, veterans in rural in the West Xiang army of the Red Army, the Red Army lost personnel) the standard of living allowance, a 10% increase in the current basis, the rural "three" and "three towns regular pension is a unified standard; subsidy standards in rural old demobilized soldiers in life on the basis of the current 1200 yuan per person per year increase, the elderly living children of martyrs on the basis of the current standard subsidy per person in the annual increase of 480 yuan, more than standard funds shall be borne by the central government. Sick to veterans from the current standard of living allowance of 410 yuan per person per month increased to 450 yuan, the participants from the current standard of living allowance of 460 yuan per person per month increased to 500 yuan, the countryside old conscripts each serving a year of compulsory military service to increase the monthly subsidy of 5 yuan, more than the standard fee by the central government and local government by the proportion of bear. After adjustment, a level due to war, because of the public, due to illness and disability pension standard 66230 yuan per person per year, 64140 yuan, 62040 yuan, respectively, than the 2015 increase of 6020 yuan, 5830 yuan, 5640 yuan. Because of the expense of military families, survivors, survivors of deceased soldiers regular pension standards were increased to 21030 yuan per person per year, 18050 yuan and 16980 yuan. The Red Army veterans and veterans in rural township in the West Road army of the Red Army and the Red Army lost personnel living subsidies, increased to 45930 yuan per person per year, 45930 yuan and 20720 yuan. This is since the reform and opening up, the country twenty-third times to raise the disability disability pension standards, increased twenty-sixth times three is "regular pension standard and the" three red "standard of living allowance, and the first to achieve the" three unified "regular pension standard. This year the central government will continue to increase financial support, the standard provides fourth new quarter investment funds 1 billion 300 million yuan, the annual total arrange special living allowance and pension funds 38 billion yuan. (commissioning editor Chen Haiyan and Jiang Chengliu)相关的主题文章: