Orphan drug market supply Shanghai emergency mechanism to ensure continuous supply (video) xpphone

Orphan drug market supply Shanghai emergency mechanism to ensure continuous supply recently, several home patients with myasthenia gravis myasthenia gravis people reflect daily medication — Pyridostigmine Bromide Tablets, the tension of the drug, which makes them very worried, because the drug is required to maintain the drug for patients with normal life. Song aunt suffering from myasthenia gravis for many years, the need for long-term use of a kind of name, smell of the drug, the drug, in order to maintain normal action. However, recently, the medicine in the hospital suddenly out of stock, but the house kept medicine not much, so the original song aunt only 10 tablets daily dose reduced to 6 tablets daily. Reduce the amount of have impact on health, this time, song aunt can only stay in bed. Myasthenia gravis patients with systemic weakness, serious and even open eyelids, swallow food, but also difficult to breathe. "The best thing to do with the drug" is to relieve the symptoms. Song aunt daughter said, in order to buy the drug, she ran the three or four district, many hospitals have failed. Finally went to the hospital in Huashan, to buy two boxes of emergency. "Smell of the Ming " price is not expensive, a box of 30 yuan, but recently, this drug is tight in the country, the Internet has been sold to the price of $888. Ms. Qin feel, smell of the Ming Ming, the reason why it will be broken, it may be related to its cheap price. So is this really the case? Reporters found the only domestic production of this drug companies, Shanghai, China and the West three-dimensional Pharmaceutical Co., ltd.. The general manager of Shanghai three Western pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. said: "at the end of August, the enterprise had a regular quality review work during this period, found that drug dissolution occurred in some volatility index, the volatility does not affect the safety of drugs, but in patients with a responsible spirit, improve their own quality the company is active consciousness, the three recall, so the cause of this shortage period." The responsible person said, at the end of September, the company has completed the quality inspection, normal production, recovery of Ming olfactory pyridostigmine at present, the drug market supply is gradually restored. The reporter also saw in the production of pyridostigmine bromide at the front end of the production line, the reactor of different sizes have 24 hours of uninterrupted reaction, there have been 7, 8 days after 1 and 2 days, the front-end production will be completed, into the chemical examination and analysis, and then enter the end the production, is also pressing and packaging process. Coincidentally, Ms. Qin also six today successfully allocated to the drugs. Although the storm is quiet, but many families still worry about, like the classic cheap orphan drugs, not much use, will one day is not willing to pharmaceutical production, this medicine is facing out? In this regard, Shanghai, China and Western Medicine said, for social responsibility, they will not stop, please rest assured. According to the city food and drug administration, similar to the orphan drug possible short-term supply situation, Shanghai has a set of emergency mechanism. There is a demand for some clinical drugs, but do not yield, the government will first buy, to avoid waste and not simply because of the fear of enterprise production. Business side said that at present, the market is gradually restored相关的主题文章: