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Rene Liu Beijing concert Jonathan Lee said on her last single Sina entertainment news on the evening of 12, Rene Liu [micro-blog] "I’m Renext" world tour since last year around the city of Beijing after the 34 encore, more fans to look forward to and long miss Jonathan Lee to come back, in addition to the continuous singing classic, and the eldest brother Jonathan Lee interactive and chorus also let the fans excited. The most funny is Jonathan Lee call Rene Liu milk sister, ridicule his last time when the guests milk sister or single, but she has a positive progress in the past few years, the state of life!" Milk tea a "cut happy," replied: "as long as the concert, I was single!" That night, Rene Liu is a rock flame customized version of the full range of children’s loading stage and play electric guitar to adapt the rock genre "crazy for love" opening. With the cool light and laser, she immediately brought "migratory birds" "love not love I will not panic", "I’m Renext" World Tour Concert Encore Beijing night off heatwave. After a lapse of a year to return to the Beijing concert, Rene Liu laments: "last fall, I stand on the stage, very nervous, I’m back now! I still stand on this stage, still very nervous, but I have a little peace of mind and freedom, because I know that today is the scene of my old friends, old friends are here today!" Hear milk tea so cordial voice, the audience fans old friends immediately to a more enthusiastic response. In the "near" when love "love love you" two classic love songs, with second lying "I regret" situation, Rene Liu appeared in the upgraded version of the LED "telepathy room", and slowly rose up singing "transparent" "I wait you" lyric songs, singing Let drunk people, also magnificent scene. The lyrical part ended, tea immediately launched a 22 minute "medley, many of them such as the May day [micro-blog], soda green [micro-blog] singer friend of classical works, strong field strength and breath even sing 22 minutes also shows tea. Most of the fans surprise, this time Rene Liu specially invited his greatest music patron Jonathan Lee with chorus. Also teachers and friends of the two people can not help but meet each other laugh up. Jonathan Lee quipped: "the last time she was single and tea together, but her a few years of life state of positive developments in kazakhstan!" Rene Liu a listen to cut happy, smiled back: in fact, as long as I do in concert, I was single." Who knows Jonathan Lee to laugh at her: "marry you is quite good, not at home all year round." Of course, joking aside, Rene Liu Jonathan Lee for many years has been full of gratitude and love help: "every time in the music on the way encounter levels even when stumbling in the emotional aspects, are the big brother to accompany me! He is also looking at the way I grew into Liu liu." The "Li" and "Xiao Liu" frame "duet song right to love you like this" love "and" what is the reason, let the audience shouted unfulfilling continue to ask the audience! Subsequently, Jonathan Lee still holding a wooden guitar, brought a long time without public singing of the "hill", had to sigh this concert also see相关的主题文章: