Ruby Lin Alec Su’s close friends propaganda Wallace Huo on the shoulder x3210

Ruby Lin Alec Su’s shoulder, close friends propaganda Wallace Huo public concern number Sina micro plastic, see more wonderful original content! Original title: China is not jealous brother? Ruby Lin shoulder cheek for Alec Su Alec Su Ruby Lin Ruby Lin Alec Su for the birthday party Sina entertainment news September 11th morning, Ruby Lin [micro-blog] drying out the photo to celebrate the birthday of Alec Su [micro-blog] in micro-blog, affectionately call it as "big brother", two people not only took the microphone and sing like birthday, also shoulder cheek intimate relationship, can not help but attracted a large number of users call brother hua. Ruby Lin and Alec Su early because of the cooperation of "Princess", "romance in the rain" and other operas and forged profound friendship, the relationship is not generally visible by birthday. With a two per person dressed in white, sometimes with the microphone for singing, sometimes cheek self, Ruby Lin also wore a small crown than Scissorhands sell adorable, spacious white pregnant is not obvious. And Alec Su is a face of happiness, two people arrived at the head close relationship is very close. Netizens have rushed call Wallace Huo: "Wallace Huo has 30 seconds to reach the battlefield." "Hua said: I was jealous." "Some people jealous haha!" There are also many intimate friends worry about Alec Su’s marriage to Alec Su: "hurry up. Hurry up and get married." "Such as Ping, Du Fei is still waiting for?" (Intern Zhou Pingfeiwen) (commissioning editor: tie) more exciting content, please pay attention to female @ Sina (micro-blog)相关的主题文章: