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Sakura empty release the hard way Ma Tianyu is like acting beyond the value of Yan – Sohu Ma Tianyu entertainment Sakura empty release for life tangled entertainment news with Sohu last night "-" the story progresses, Ma Tianyu’s Sakura empty release also arrived at the turning point in the fate of the experienced complex growth path, chase drama audience friends not only was very distressed unfairly Sakura empty release the hardships of the road and the more admire Ma Tianyu’s acting perfectly: "to see full is brought into play, even ignoring Ma Tianyu’s face beauty spirit!" In the broadcast of the "city of fantasy", played by Ma Tianyu Sakura empty release had suddenly grown up, psychic eruption, and beat the fire, soothe the gods? Ice race competition, reforming the throne, when the ice king, give marriage castle and a series of events, one can achieve the initial desire: let my brother get freedom, happiness and love of people living together! But did not expect to be Shuo Gang took place obstacles in the way, not only the mermaid princess a tear stone, still was arrested after "thrown pot" to Sakura empty release, let Sakura empty release to his throne and mother Lianji together fled in such a hurry. Netizens in Sakura empty release ill fated love also see the change in mind change and personality of the character in Ma Tianyu’s interpretation on the performance of Sakura empty under the foot work, each micro expression is very accurate and can put people into play, let you follow Sakura empty release of the passions had generally Yanliang and Men’s feelings are changeable. It is no wonder that many netizens commented that "Ma Tianyu’s acting beyond his face value, dynamic chase drama is not only his spirit beauty face!" Next week Sakura empty release and Castle showdown, read the book people know what the result is, but how to develop the plot, only then please to play to an inquiry unexpectedly! Fast, kill, domineering indifferent "decisive Shidi" will become the bouncing, adorable cute "blade", a lot of fans and friends can’t wait to see this little "sword of the spirit, the baby will continue next week about!   相关的主题文章: