Selina talk about marriage marriage is easy to be the tomb of love

Selina is very easy to talk about marriage experience: marriage is the tomb of love according to Taiwan media reported on September 17th, the women’s team member S.H.E Selina[of micro-blog] mainland recently accepted the media interview, she said her ex husband Zhang Chengzhong [micro-blog] (a) occupy a very important time in her life, is the "great fate", asked whether she that marriage is the tomb of love? Selina is the identity of the people to show that the two people get along for a long time will tend to dull, we must strive to find a tight point in order to continue, but this part asked her not very accurate, because I did not succeed". Selina (data Selina) recently accepted the "Nandu Entertainment Weekly" interview, after the divorce, Selina future still believe in love, "or do you want to be a very romantic girl", asked her if she felt that marriage is the tomb of love? Selina said: "it is very easy, but do not let it", and said that two people together for a long time will be a lot less passion, but from many places to find love or is the same part of the soul, so that both sides maintain close relations, and the truth is not her success. Previously, Selina was invited to go to Rio to see the Olympic Games, the process of actually took place Selina unforgettable embarrassment, she exposes a day with the people on the train, she did not think the morning bloating, suddenly sit to fart, plus the chairs are made of plastic, have sound large, let Selina so embarrassed, had to open apologize to the whole car, laughed and said if this happened in the past she will feel ashamed not live, "but now I feel completely OK!" (lead: commissioning editor: Rolls Royce) Yes, you’re not wrong! Angelababy traced pregnant! Although the marriage of baby and leader are works continuously, sugar, but users are most concerned about is not the end of pregnancy baby. More than a year, baby has fifth "traced pregnant", but the reliability is very high, can’t we fashion old driver has turned the new pregnant mother? (Editor: Gon Freecss @ baby debut, meat off) recently pregnant belly bulge, Angelababy news instantly detonated network. Baby was wearing a loose coat, slippers, I carefully escort…… Baby has become a variety of promotion for pregnant mother’s evidence". Although the baby and the leader in the marriage did not reduce appearance, not only works continuously, also occasionally show a loving dog abuse, but users are most concerned about is what baby was pregnant?! Just over a year, baby has been traced to the pregnant five times. Is this fashion circle of the old driver Angelababy really want to become pregnant mother sector star? Baby baby and Huang Xiaoming and Huang Xiaoming appeared together to debut a few days ago, baby told the leader walked the red carpet, but the baby has some other "bloated", many users say baby belly bulge disappeared, waist. Tell the truth, in fact, can not see the fat fat. Whether belly swollen, or do you want to look for the answer from the contrast. A.相关的主题文章: