Solid wood furniture with mud soaked white logistics company did not take the initiative to compensa

Solid wood furniture with mud soaked white logistics company did not take the initiative to compensate Fuzhou recently, Mr. Huang, we call the Fujian News Channel News Hotline 0591-83331234 reflect that he is operating in Minhou mahogany business, usually sold to foreign guests are on logistics delivery, basically did not find what big problem. But at the beginning of September, a Hunan order makes him very upset. Customers to reflect Mr. Huang, Mr. Huang shipped half a month after they received, but opened a look, the appearance of the goods are full of dirt, some packaging has been damaged. This is how to return a responsibility? Customer: half a month before the arrival of the furniture, got defective products! These photos were taken by Mr. Huang’s customers in Hunan when they received solid wood furniture. As can be seen from the photos, the outer packing of the waterproof cloth is the soil has been removed. Open the packaging can be seen, the inside of the furniture has been even traces of blisters, and even! Some furniture surface is white! Wood furniture soaked in water must not be! Customers to see such a situation, rejected the furniture on the spot. Fortunately, the customer said, if you can fix it, he is willing to accept. After receiving customer feedback, Mr. Huang is very anxious, immediately contacted the delivery of logistics companies – Sheng Feng Logistics, and asked for compensation. Huang: many times to find Sheng Feng Logistics, a month, the logistics company has not been delayed because of a long time did not sign for goods, these wood furniture was sent back to the Fuzhou Sheng Feng Logistics headquarters. During this period, the logistics company did not take the initiative to contact Mr. Huang negotiated claims related matters. This is Mr. Huang and Sheng Feng logistics staff chat records, from September 18th to 26, these 8 days, Mr. Huang respectively with different employees Sheng Feng logistics links 6 times, but things are not settled on compensation. Staff told Mr. Huang, they can only compensate for these 3 times the logistics freight. But Mr Huang said, twenty-four thousand yuan worth of furniture products are soaked in transit logistics company only agreed to pay four thousand and five hundred yuan, for such compensation, he could not accept. In desperation, Mr. Wong found our reporter, I hope to be able to really communicate with the logistics company, to negotiate a satisfactory result of his claims. Logistics company: the settlement of claims requires formal process this morning, the reporter came with Mr. Huang came to Fujian Sheng Feng Logistics Group, to see the items have been returned to the logistics park. From the packaging, it is not like the customer has just received the goods so dirty, but there are still some areas of the damaged packaging. Mr Wong pointed to reporters, furniture packaging after treatment, looks very clean, but there are still a lot of dirt. Reporters in the process of talking with Mr. Huang, Sheng Feng Logistics is also responsible for the claims of the staff came to the scene. The staff member said that Mr. Huang’s things they are in private communication, but the settlement process requires some process, not a side of the unilateral say. But Mr. Huang said, the staff said the compensation process is not complicated, but they repeatedly came to the logistics company, no one can take to negotiate with them for things, it leads to delayed, delayed more than a month, he can not be shipped to the customer. ;相关的主题文章: