Sounds of nature battle a divine brilliance Yu slip out of confidence

"Sounds of nature" battle: a divine brilliance Yu slide confident Hua Chenyu Legal Evening News (reporter Wang Lei) from "my skateboard shoes" become brainwashed Divine Comedy, Huachen Yu [micro-blog] at the Oriental TV music challenge program "sounds of nature" battle in the amazing. This is his new interpretation of the song in the near future almost burst into the circle of friends and major music sites. In accepting the "Legal Evening News" interview with reporters, said Hua Chenyu had received the adaptation task your heart is broken, the ultimate effect of their own is also very satisfied, and they had already purchased this song in the communication of the original song copyright, will be included in his new album this year in a forthcoming. Creation from collapse to confident Legal Evening News (hereinafter referred to as "late"): "my skateboard shoes" is your own change? Hua Chenyu: Yeah, with my third album producer, I got my heart broken when I got this song. Skateboard shoes should be the biggest challenge for me in my current recording program. Only this song I’m about to re compose. The first two songs I actually have some ideas, to communicate with the producer, then the pressure will be a little bigger than me. Because this song its artistic realm is too high, the theory should be no melody and rhythm, so if I want to change it, must be changed to make myself understand and let the audience can understand it, and I want to make that rap its original rhythm all destroyed, re finishing a rhythm, this is very difficult. But after the change, I am confident that I am going to put this "my skateboard shoes 2016" into this year’s third album, because I have to fill in the music, I intend to communicate to buy the song copyright. France late: you are amazing, will you have no fear of the track? Hua Chenyu: I’m not what style can control, such as R& B, bossa nova, I am not good at. Also because a lot of songs are not suitable for the stage. This stage is not only the performance of the composition, as well as competitive ingredients. The song needs to be in a few minutes to show the true level of the singer, and can not destroy the song, so the process of adaptation challenges. Method: the late Yang Kun [micro-blog] said you houshengkewei, looks very relaxed in the game? Hua Chenyu: I was really nervous, mainly to see the singer who is very nervous, they will give me choose what song. But after each adaptation is not nervous, because I am very satisfied with the change, came to the stage performances, I do not care too much votes. In response to the hot debate did not imitate the Korean singer law late: the recent network, there are some saying that your style of dress with GD (Korean big member Bang) like, do not know if you have seen? Hua Chenyu: I’ve seen those who say I wear clothes, but I think it’s okay. In fact, you can carefully look at my usual clothes, is not the kind of style. For example, I would like to paint a little eye shadow when it comes to power, it is because I like the early sixty or seventy相关的主题文章: