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Tang Wei’s daughter was born pregnant dress that was also a clear weekend news, Tang Wei’s baby was born. Circle of friends is a good daughter, crying is the first hospital and ~ ~ congratulations to Tang Wei. Tang Wei’s pregnancy, exposure rate is very high. In addition to this piece of makeup and clothes did not choose other pregnancy photos are pretty good. This is when she attended the event in April this year. Just look at the face you can’t see the airport to capture Tang Wei in pregnancy is also good. Someone took her pregnancy. Basically is to clear the goddess fan children, dress is dress mask body. Tang Wei joked that pregnant birth is to rest. Because each time they said don’t stop to rest, rest ten days began to do, so she told Mr. children can put the time into a real vacation…… (Legal Evening News reported screenshot) this is the reason why Tang Wei’s pregnancy life is really looking good. She has done a few things: Taobao buy clothes Tang Wei smiled and said, now often on Taobao to buy all kinds of skirt play, realize the dream of childhood: "when my work clothes are the team selected, I can wear some exaggerated clothes now, for wear, very fun, just like my childhood dream." (source: Beijing Morning News) with my father to learn calligraphy characters Tang Wei and Mr. Kim is now one of the leisure activities with the father to learn calligraphy brush. "My parents always wanted me to learn the brush words. My father likes calligraphy and painting. My husband and I made a work of writing, my dad taught on the side. When I was a child into the Chinese school, he learned the basis of the brush is also good. He is also learning Chinese, Chinese new year, my father also praised his progress in chinese. In fact, he usually speak Chinese at home, are responsible for correcting my pronunciation, think about the original we have good luck. (source: Beijing morning news reports) will go to the cheap clothing store Jin Taiyong was often photographed beside her, two months ago also witnessed them by subway. Film director and actor couple day so simple, no wonder Tang Wei said Jin Taiyong also ran a few blocks to give their people to buy Soybean Milk Deep-Fried Dough Sticks. One month before the birth of Tang Wei, Rene Liu also went to see a good friend of the concert, leaving a self pregnancy during the pregnancy, or did not stop the work of the whole of the Tang Wei. Ran "North West 2" propaganda. To go north section of the red carpet. However, she is the one who walks the fastest. Because everyone is concerned about her pregnancy, she says she feels like a panda…… Protected by the national treasure. Then a new figurative sentence, Tang Wei said he’s "every day jumping around like a bird". She was happy to run her pregnancy. It is a restless man…… Pregnancy guested on a reality TV show to buy food to cook is not surprising. Prenatal interview is so Da, pregnant women was somewhat swollen, but Tang Wei’s skin is very good. Pregnant Tang Wei quietly visited Taobao and affordable clothing store, subway, learn calligraphy, visiting the farms, good friends concert, he is also a little work a little, it is full of respect during pregnancy ah. Feel Tang Wei’s daughter has received a cloud light wind ~!相关的主题文章: