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The folk group innovation Haoxiliantai: Huangmei dilemma – hope to support Beijing, Beijing, Wuhan, September 8, (Zhong Xin) the evening of September 8th, held in Hubei Huanggang "Hubei Huangmei Opera Festival, Huangmei opera" king of the blind Pianhun "touted by the audience. The play is from Huangmei County Zen culture Huangmei drama art group new Huangmei opera rehearsal lasted more than two months, the head of Zen culture Huangmei drama art group that Zhou Xiongying borrowed about 100000 yuan foreign debt. Huangmei opera originated in Hubei, Anhui and Jiangxi provinces at the junction area of Huangmei tea picking song. After the Qing Dynasty, 300 years, Hubei Huangmei County artists with close friends with a Huangmei accent, singing around to make a living, originally only two or three places to play minor, sung by the now world famous huangmei. In 2014, Zhou Xiongying embarked on a game of Huangmei senior artists through the road, set up a professional Huangmei Opera troupe. Yan Huangmei art third generation, Huanggang Huangmei intangible cultural heritage led by Liu Guorong, from Hubei, Anhui and other places more than 30 well-known actors to join the Huangmei opera. The drama group was first established, sell out shows in Jiangxi, the audience also came to see the show. The first year to watch the performance of the audience of nearly 100 thousand people, Zhou Xiongying with "hot" to describe. This year, the drama troupe rehearsed "angel matches", "female consort", "Ji", "Liang Shanbo Roper and Zhu Yingtai", "champion and the beggar" more than and 30 large classic Huangmei opera. Every actor can play five or six roles, guest can dance, face, ventriloquist, acrobatics and other special performances. However, Zhou Xiongying did not expect that, although the performance of hot, the first year of the Troupe or a loss of about 3000000 yuan. Since then, the drama group conducted a series of reform measures, the street performance with audience "color" and the "new" and "mother liquor storm" such as Huangmei, loss situation has not been changed. By 2015, the actors began to pay wages. In order to maintain the survival of the theater, Zhou Xiongying will be the only source of transport vehicles to sell their homes, and ready to sell the housing to maintain the survival of the theater. When in the drama group difficult to continue, a consortium bought by company, is the inevitable condition of Huangmei Opera adaptation of the play some vulgar drama, the actors were collective boycott. "A thousand years Huangmei is the green ecological and spiritual food, no matter how difficult, we must adhere to the" integrity "of culture." Zhou Xiongying said. Not long ago, the reporter saw at the Huangmei Zen culture Huangmei Opera Theater, the theater audience in a desolate. Two of the "theater opera garden world favor scholar, farmer, artisan and merchant corps, the day the net not ugly deduction stage" life on the dusty antithetical couplet. Although the operating theatre in Hubei this year during the flood difficult to continue, but still, the actors for the affected people and the soldiers fighting the flood was carried out in field show sympathy. It is understood that the current Hubei folk more than and 10 Huangmei Opera Troupe, the majority in "eat a meal hunger meal", it is difficult to form a larger scale. Zhou Xiongying calculations, rehearsing a Huangmei drama about 500 thousand yuan, fully rely on the market operation, could not justify the cost).相关的主题文章: