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The Hefei local black scale repeated administration does not change or their own long snack stall does not recognize the Quejinshaoliang September 20th afternoon, reporters once again came to the alley on the eastern side of the provincial children’s Hospital, in the alley side there is a fixed pitch of the canteen, reporters randomly selected a hanging banana, a total of six pounds 82, spent twenty-seven dollars. When reporters ready to pay, the stall confident that they will not Quejinshaoliang. Then, the electronic scale stalls are not allowed in the end? The reporter then went to a supermarket not far away, there is also an electronic scale, the electronic scale with reporters said, found just bought six pounds 82 bananas, five pounds only about 22, less than a pound of 52, two how such a big gap, and the supermarket cashier said, alley in the fruit stand near the people know that buckle scale. Subsequently, the reporter went back to just the fruit stand, to understand the situation, the owner then put a banana in electronic scales, also stand to scale back, and when reporters for the first time to buy, the owner is standing at the door. Stall stall excuses: "Oh, is twenty-two dollars." Reporter: you just did not say six pounds of 82?" Stall: "on the outside to see what ah, the wind is estimated." Reporter: the wind can scrape a pound more ah!" Stall: "you do not know, I have a lot of loss loss." And when the reporter alley, met a nurse in the hospital’s sister, she told reporters a few days ago myself at this booth were weighed out, but because she is a stranger, so in this case, do not dare to go to the stall, and she did not know in what place can complaints. A few pieces of things, even. So, the situation encountered were said, who will be in charge of this thing? When law enforcement is difficult to grasp the current in the corner of the wall hung a sign that reads two convenience stalls group, says Hefei City Administration of the phone, but the reporter telephone consultation, the other said this thing not under their control. Then, the reporter also contacted with Baohe district market supervision and Management Bureau, said the other staff will immediately check. About twenty minutes later, law enforcement officers rushed to the scene, on the spot and confiscated the stall of the electronic scale. Law enforcement is difficult to catch the current law enforcement officers also told reporters that the stalls go to the district community committee management, if the public can call 12345 complaints, they will be directly transferred to the jurisdiction of the market supervision administration after acceptance. At the same time, law enforcement officials said that although the electronic scale was stall in the hands and feet, but after the boot and shutdown, automatic recovery, so time in law enforcement is difficult to catch the current. If there are complaints except Quejinshaoliang black sellers, whether we can meet the seller of conscience? The reporter went to the Hefei City Shuang Gang vegetable market in a fruit vendor bought 62 kilos of jujube. Subsequently, the reporter bought the fruit on the fair balance placed on the quarry, said the results and the time to buy is the same. The double post market management office staff also told reporters that if consumers are found in the "fair scales Quejinduanliang", can direct brain相关的主题文章: