The odds of winning the world cup to engage in things to lose 1501 of the country’s $1 impressively!

The World Cup winning odds: do things? 1. 1501 Orangemen impressively! Lippi served as national football coach in late November 15th, Chinese men’s soccer team will usher in the 12 race fifth contest. With the departure of Gao Hongbo and the arrival of Lippi, the Orangemen and the death of hope? The latest World Cup odds list, we were surprised to find that the Chinese team impressively in the column. [the Orangemen! 12 match []] sales forecast the latest World Cup qualifying hopes the odds of winning are slim, intelligent, the odds of winning list appeared China team figure. This is too unprofessional Gambling company, or deliberately hype? I’m afraid both of them are. China’s current situation is clear to everyone. The 4 round of group phase 1 flat 3 negative, only 1 points, ranked in the bottom. South Korea has third points from the team with a huge gap of 6 points. Countries want to qualify, need a miracle. In the face of such difficulties, Lippi will be able to change the decadent magic? Not necessarily. Objectively speaking, the Chinese team should not appear in the world cup odds standings. Another point is surprising that, with the team ranked second, Uzbekistan,, a total of about 1 points to compensate for the loss of 2501, ranking higher than the national foot! The only possible explanation is that the high degree of concern of the Chinese team to buy more people, Gambling company forced to lower the odds. Whether the Gambling company for what purpose, see China team appear in this list, still like to see the dawn in the dark like a fall into a reverie. November 15th against Qatar, the country needs a victory, the need to continue the line of hope! (Pan Feng)相关的主题文章: