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The preliminary analysis: Poland positive plate resistance is not small – Premium Sohu Poland vs Denmark 201517 world European game time: 2016-10-09 Sunday 02:45 Macao: 1.020 disc hemisphere 0.800 Bet365 disk: 0.730 tie hemisphere 1.080 William Hill: 2 3.10 3.75 2 3.30 3.80 Ladbrokes: [data] 1, Poland news score opener 2-2 away draw lowly Kazakhstan, recently hit 3 lianping. 2, Poland nearly 7 round 2 wins 5 flat unbeaten run, nearly 14 home court only lost to Holland. 3, Poland in the last 7 games, only the total score of more than two goals in the 1 games. 4, the first round of home court Denmark beat Armenia 1-0, recently held a 3 game winning streak, 3 games without conceding a goal, nearly 7 rounds only lost to Scotland (4 wins, 2 draws and 1 losses). 5 Denmark, nearly 7 away 2 flat 5 negative for the most, nearly 10 away only 1 games without conceding a goal. 6, the two teams of the recent confrontation, Poland 1 wins, 1 draws and 2 losses of 4. [analysis] provide asian handicap data according to the news network Macao handicap score, Poland chupan Lord let hemisphere high water in 0.96, a substantial premium trend to keep hanging by injection, facing down disc expected; the size of Macao ball chupan 22.5 ball low water, the opening is not conservative. Poland is currently ranked seventeenth in the world, and Denmark ranked forty-sixth, both the overall strength is well matched; Poland chupan Lord let hemisphere, let the disc is not conservative, but in Poland not long ago in the European Cup to accumulate popularity heat, and the trend of Denmark recently to look away obvious downturn trend is obvious, the handicap premium dropped disc the main victory, facing the bigger question. Asia recommended: Denmark +0.5 SMG recommended: 31相关的主题文章: