The provincial public security department investigation case will do Qiongzhong boy missing DNA iden mentalist

The provincial public security department investigation will be the disappearance of the boy in Qiongzhong Li and Miao Autonomous County DNA identification of Qiongzhong Li mother town of Dalang village old boy on the body disappearance has occurred on the 7 day, the morning of November 24th, police found a boy body at a distance of one kilometer missing boy lost in the paddy fields, the death of the boy naked recognition, by the missing boy Luo Jinhong’s parents to identify, determine the basic body shape body is missing for several days of jinhong. Currently, the Hainan Provincial Public Security Bureau has been involved in the investigation, and the boy’s body was transported to Haikou, arrange technical inspection personnel on the body for technical identification, DNA identification, the cause of death and a series of routine inspection. The reporter tried to contact the missing boy Luo Jinhong’s father Luo Zhenhua know the latest situation, but Luo Zhenhua said that the family was in deep sorrow, hope the autopsy report to restore the truth of the incident as soon as possible. The police responded to reporters, the provincial public security department has been involved in this event, the autopsy report and other official data released to the Provincial Public Security Bureau etc.. It is understood that the public security organs identification rules, thirty-fourth, the public security department shall be identified within the Accreditation Authority within seven days from the date of the identification of expert opinion, and issued identification documents. Where there are other provisions in laws, regulations and technical rules, or if there is a special need for the investigation of the case or the litigation activities, the appraisal institution may separately agree with the entrusted appraisal unit for the time limit for the appraisal. After looking for small island > Jinhong; > missing for first days in November 19th, two years old boy was missing the door for second days in November 20th, the community relay tracing missing for third days in November 21st, the police dispatched police searched missing fourth days in November 22nd, eastern Hainan police joint investigation相关的主题文章: