The school near an abandoned tank leak before the students dizziness nosebleeds (video) 9c8950

The school near an abandoned tank leak before students nosebleeds dizziness is the first working day after the holiday in October 8th, is the primary and junior high school to the school day, but today there is a lot of Songjiang District Sheshan school students did not come to school on time. It turned out that the waste tank near the school before the occurrence of chemical waste spills, many parents worried about the safety of the child did not dare to send their children to school. So the school is now safe, and why near the chemical waste? Look at the news Knews reporter immediately launched an investigation. Learn to look at the news Knews reporter to interview, Sheshan school gate has gathered a large number of parents, many of whom wear masks. Most of their children didn’t come to school today. Many parents reflect, the morning of September 25th after the leak, the children appeared chest tightness, dizziness and even nosebleeds. What is leaking, the current school is safe, they did not get a clear reply. With the spread of panic, many parents have sent their children to school with children home. It is understood that the leak is a waste oil with waste chemical tank near the school, which are a total of eight fine Road No. 20 in the long-term disposal. Workers in the tank in the removal process due to improper operation of leakage. Today, the distance has been done in the past more than and 10 days, with the end of the National Day holidays, today is the day of the reopening of schools, now the school environment meets the safety class standard? After communication, the school responsible person came forward to take a look at the news reporter interviewed Knews. Sheshan school principal Zhang Chunqiang said the school is now informed of the environmental protection is safe, absolutely safe. Air quality absolute safety. Including the playground, including classrooms and corridors. All test results, three words, not detected. While the parents of child safety of the other side is anxious and fearful, that the school leadership on campus, in the end how the real situation? Environmental monitoring department to look at the news reporter Knews presented a long test report, which records the engaged from September 25th to October 7th, and the school’s overall leak detection data of fine Road No. 20. Data show that the leakage of harmful gas is mainly toluene and xylene, 25 at 10:30 in the morning, the two kinds of harmful gas concentration in the accident point up to 1.675 milligrams per cubic meter and 0.969 milligrams per cubic meter, reached the peak. The school can smell the obvious smell. However, from the beginning of the evening of 25, the concentration has been controlled. From 1:30 yesterday afternoon, the accident points and schools were not detected toluene and xylene composition. Perhaps the fact that as the school and the environmental protection department, the school environment is safe. But in any case, in the vicinity of gathering a large number of young students of the school, has existed for a long time with 8 chemical waste waste tank and lack of supervision, there is a huge security risk, the relevant regulatory authorities is truly worthy of deep reflection. "" "universal creation Festival billion investment cicada looking to change the knowledge to open the way you" "" recommended today: "Shanghai six" increase soil shoot fund supervision violations will be "confiscation" margin Shanghai)相关的主题文章: