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The son of Zhu Shijian and the Alibaba to build Yunnan Ninglang plateau apple – Beijing, Beijing, Lijiang, September 20, (Ren Dong) 20, China famous tobacco king Zhu Shijian’s son Zhu Yibin was the HENGGUAN company in Lijiang city of Yunnan province TEDA a conference. At the press conference announced the people’s Government of Ninglang county and Lijiang City fresh and Alibaba Tmall signed an agreement to jointly build the world’s highest altitude — altitude more than 2700 meters of the "2700 plateau apple ninglang". After the signing ceremony, the product began in the Tmall flagship store synchronized pre-sale. Speaking of Zhu Shijian, the famous in the country has had a "China tobacco king said he experienced jail and losing a woman in a brilliant life, at the age of more than and 70 with his wife contracted a more than 2 thousand acres of barren hills, began an orange, a few years later, the name" Chu orange "through the country. The more than and 50 year old Zhu Yibin is the only son of Zhu Shijian, according to media reports, Zhu Yibin 20 years old when his father was in his life because of dissatisfaction with the set, and leave after their escape from family, continue to work hard, gradually gain a firm foothold, 2013 was the father call home, father developed tens of thousands of acres of orchards, became chairman of Yunnan TEDA HENGGUAN agricultural development limited. As the father of Zhu Yibin and with big eyes and bushy eyes at the press conference on Apple: "Ninglang Ninglang closely reasoned and well argued high altitude and high temperature difference between day and night, let the apples here not only fewer pests, and special taste. New Zealand Apple experts in Ninglang had investigated the feeling, here scenery and high altitude climate conditions, produce the best apples in the world". According to Zhu Yibin introduction, this cooperation with "company + farmers" management mode, although the exploration of this model uses a lot of agricultural company results is not satisfactory, but Zhu Yibin still does not want "with the world’s best apple planting area" pass. He hoped that the government and Tmall, and Yi farmers fresh together to form a cohesive force, common zaoli, mutual benefit, to achieve long-term win-win. Zhu Yibin (left) signed a cooperation agreement with the Ninglang county government representatives. Photo by Ren Dong "this is" hematopoietic "instead of" blood transfusion ", Lijiang City Vice Mayor Chen Xingyuan said at the press conference," the test of the government and enterprises join industrial poverty in Ninglang, hope the government can borrow the enterprise management and market docking ability, the apple made sustainable Ninglang poverty alleviation project". Lijiang is a world famous tourist city, the ancient city of Lijiang is well preserved magnificent name card, however Lijiang is prosperous and independent of ninglang. According to public information, Ninglang county still has 44 thousand poor people, is one of the poverty-stricken counties in Yunnan Province, poverty, poverty alleviation precise priority among priorities has been the focus of attention and the work of the government. Ninglang County Deputy Secretary Li Wenjuan said: "I hope the electricity supplier through poverty alleviation, open up sales channels, the steady growth of local farmers income, change some backward production mode of development, to achieve poverty." The end of the conference came a melodious song "welcome" Yi Yi rang, more than 20 local farmers representatives came to the scene, for 32 years Apple Yi elderly Jingu about his tail slope)相关的主题文章: