The young cyclist fell handlebar poor prick wear thigh fortunately injuring the artery in Beijing yuria

The young cyclist fell handlebar poor prick wear thigh fortunately injuring the Beijing artery in lying on the road, Deng clenched teeth, eyes not to see their thighs. September 13th at 7 am, Deng riding a bike home, accidentally even with a car fell. It’s hard to say that the car is in his lap and he’s lying on the ground. Emergency personnel rushed to the scene saw the scene also MEIZHE, quickly dialed 119. Firefighters in the face of this situation, not to use rescue tools Fapai usually used, had to use a little drive handle hacksaw saws. After the separation of the car, Deng was taken to hospital for treatment. Fortunately, the accident did not hurt his arteries and bones. Accident: the car put his hand into the thigh on the evening of September 13th, Wenjiang Cultural Road, 14 year old Deng riding home from school after school, suddenly even people with a car fell to the ground, the car handle embedded in the thigh meat. The people rushed to call 120. Wenjiang District People’s hospital doctors rushed to the scene and did not dare to act rashly, "do not know there is no rush to pick up the car if you stab the aorta, the handle may cause bleeding." The doctor said. Subsequently, the rescue workers to call 119, while waiting for the rescue, one side to the wounded infusion, oxygen, while the mobilization of the Department of orthopedics experts to the scene analysis. "The aorta was not injured and the bones were not hurt." Wenjiang District People’s Hospital of doctor of vice director Li Zhu Lijun to the site to assess the injury, and to guide the rescue personnel division of car handle. Wenjiang firefighters to the scene and found that rescue tools not used normally used in french. According to the Wenjiang Aerospace road government dedicated team of rescue personnel, because the car handle is hollow, can not use hydraulic pliers to cut, but to fix the bicycle carefully with a hacksaw saws. "A total of 15 minutes." Rescue workers, the car handle from the right side of the thigh root Deng inserted, almost pierced thigh. Fortunately not injured bones: aortic firefighters said the injured rode on a bicycle race, when the speed is pretty fast, so he fell. Rushed to the hospital, the doctor rushed to the implementation of deng. After more than 1 hours of surgery, the car was taken out of the handle, the handle is inserted into the depth of about 15 cm." According to doctors, Deng is the main branch of the femoral vein injury, bones, aorta and main veins are not injured. Yesterday, Xiao Deng’s mental state is good. Doctors said that the problem is not large, mainly to prevent infection, is expected to be discharged after a week. Chengdu dream riding club official Li Shuhe said, from the appearance of the bike, belonging to the dead fly. This kind of bicycle has no brakes, light, fast, color is rich, has been well received by young people, but the death itself is a security risk. He suggested that people do a good job when riding protective measures to prevent improper riding posture. Chengdu Chinese commercial news reporter Huan Xiaohuai (Figure provided by the fire)相关的主题文章: