they’re readily portable. Many are designed to accommodate a carabiner so that they can be attached to back packs and belt loops. They provide a relatively large imprint area with many being printable in a near-360 degrees wrap around the bottle. In fact 迪士尼实现盈利 河南打击涉黑团伙

1. Reusable Tote Bags Demand for the Promotional Tote Bags is skyrocketing as more and more consumers recognize the impact of disposable plastic grocery bags on the environment. Too, several communities have already banned use of plastic grocery bags in a trend which is likely to continue. With a wide selection of reusable totes at varying price points there are great options available for a variety of promotions from affordable giveaway to formal gifts. That’s why reusable tote bags are the top choice for a eco friendly promotional product. They’re very functional promotional products that will be sought after, retained and reused repeatedly. Grocery Style Imprinted Tote Bags in particular can accommodate about the same volume as two traditional plastic grocery store bags, without double bagging. Recognizing that most stores double bag those flimsy store bags, these totes can eleminte 4 disposable bags from landfills every time they’re used! From a promotional perspective, customized tote bags provide a large imprint area for company, group and cause logos. With their widespread use and reuse, logo imprinted tote bags will be seen repeated both by the user and other shoppers provide continued visibility of these promotional products. In recent years, totes have become available in an increasing number of colors and sizes including some with full color digital imprints. There are also some innovative alternative like Grocery Cart Totes that are designed to hang from the sides of shopping carts to make filling a breeze. Too, there are an increasing number of fashion totes with contrasting materials, bamboo handles and pocket features. For even more eco-friendly attributes, consider recyclable tote bags or biodegradable tote bags as well as recycled tote bags, including recycled totes made from disposable water bottles. One of our favorite totes for its large volume, great quality and large imprint area is the Air-Tex Grocery Tote. 2. Biodegradable Pens Biodegradable promotional pens like Recycled Paper Pens are great promotional products because, like traditional pens, people can never seem to have enough pens. Pens are relatively low cost promotional products that are used in large quantities. The unique look of customized Recycled Paper Logo Pens makes it clear that these are eco friendly products that help to promote eco awareness. An emerging alternative to the recycled paper pens are customized corn pens made from an eco friendly plastic derived from corn starch. These biodegradable pens have the same look and feel as traditional plastic pens but are also biodegradable. In both cases, these biodegradable pens can help minimize the impact on the environment from these widely used products. 3. Reusable Metal and BPA-Free Plastic Water Bottles Logo Imprinted Reusable Water Bottles made from Stainless Steel, Aluminum and BPA-Free Plastic are great eco-friendly promotional products. Reusable water bottles can eliminate the need disposable paper and plastic cups as well as all those disposable plastic water bottles. With their screw off and pop-up lids, they’re readily portable. Many are designed to accommodate a carabiner so that they can be attached to back packs and belt loops. They provide a relatively large imprint area with many being printable in a near-360 degrees wrap around the bottle. In fact, several are available with a choice of stock design templates that can be used in combination with a business, group or cause logo to help limit design costs. While customized stainless steel water bottles are the Cadillac of the group as they are generally the most durable and do not require a liner. Stainless steel also tend to hold temperatures better to keep beverages cooler longer. Imprinted aluminum water bottles provide a lower cost alternative to stainless steel. While comparable in appearance, the aluminum water bottles do require an internal liner. It’s recommended that consumers purchase only aluminum water bottles using BPA free liners. Custom logo BPA-Free Plastic Water Bottles are generally the lower cost option and tend to be lighter in weight. Because they’re made from plastic, they are often available in a wider variety of sizes and shapes and featuring a larger range of lid options. For even more eco-friendly plastic bottle options, consider bottles made from recycled, recyclable and/or biodegradable material. 4. Reusable Travel Mugs Reusable Imprinted Travel Mugs have been around for some time, however, their use continues to expand as more and more people leave behind the paper coffee cups and opt to have the barista fill their travel mug with that no-whip-low-foam-non-fat latte. A key feature of travel mugs is the double wall construction to both insulate the beverage as well as to avoid heat transfer to your hands. Travel mug lids vary often include mechanisms to close the opening to prevent spills ranging from sliding covers to push-button closures. Custom logo travel mugs are available in a variety of material including plastic travel mugs, ceramic travel mugs, aluminum travel mugs and stainless steel travel mugs. Customized stainless steel mugs tend to be pricier but are typically more durable and insulate beverages better overall. Custom plastic travel mugs and logo imprinted ceramic travel mugs are typically available in a wider range of shapes and colors. In fact, there are options that are designed to look just like the major coffee house’s cups only these are reusable. Many of these travel mugs are available with near-360 degree wrap imprint areas offering greater customization options than the basic one or two sided imprints. 5. Bamboo & Recycled Apparel As a more sustainable resource, bamboo is typically combined with raw materials like cotton or polyester for apparel with as much as 50-70% of the content coming from bamboo. Bamboo Apparel has the same look and feel of traditional apparel but offers the benefit of being eco friendly. Another great Eco Friendly Apparel option is Recycled Apparel. Recycled materials, such as polyester, is combined with raw material like cotton with 50-90% of the content coming from the recycled source. In both cases, there are a wide range of apparel options from recycled t-shirts, polos and jackets to recycled performance apparel with anti-bacterial properties. Like traditional apparel, recycled clothing can be customized with company logos and designs using a variety of embroidery and silk screening techniques. 6. Bamboo & Recycled Caps Bamboo is a more sustainable source for a variety of consumer products including caps and hats. In most cases, bamboo caps are made a combination of material like cotton and spandex with 50% or more content from bamboo. Nonetheless, there are a few caps made entirely from bamboo. Similarly, recycled materials like Polyethylene terephthalate (PET), commonly referred to as polyester, is also used as a source for a variety of customized recycled caps and custom logo recycled beanies. For a more unique option, Recycled Fedoras are available using recycled jute coffee bags. Imprinting these recycled and bamboo caps is comparable to their traditional counterparts. Typically caps and hats are embroidered with company, group or organization logos and designs. Silk screen decorations are more often utilized for custom made caps which are typically manufactured overseas at quantities of 144 or more. For these larger quantities, a combination of silk screen and embroidery decorations on a cap provide a look that can really BNoticed! 7. USB Drives Custom USB Drives , also known as Thumb Drive and Jump Drives, are great promotional products. With recycled paper, recycled plastic and bamboo cases, these Imprinted Eco USB Drives add to the already significant green potential of these digital storage devices. While most people have used these devices to transfer files between computers when collaborating at work or taking work home with them, the devices are often overlooked for their potential as eco-friendly promotional products. USB Drives can be loaded with catalogs, proposals, samples of work, white papers and a variety of other information to support sales calls, company meetings, industry conferences and much more. Accountants can provide their clients with copies of their tax papers on a USB drive which can be reused year after year. Schools and universities can provide students and prospective students with course catalogs, registration materials, student aid forms, etc. in a digital format. Home Owner Associations can provide members with copies of their Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CC&Rs) and other information on USB Drives. These devices not only can eliminate the need for mounds of paper, folders and binders but also provide recipients with a reusable tool that features your logo for constant reminders of your business, organization or cause. 8. Customized CD/DVD & Eco Case Like the Eco USB Drives, Customized CD/DVDs are great ways to the need for a large volume of paper. While the CD/DVD themselves are not made from eco-friendly material, Eco Friendly Customized CD/DVD Cases are available including Recycled and Recyclable Poly CD/DVD cases as well as Recycled Fiberboard ecFolio Style CD Cases. In addition to being able to customize the CD/DVDs and cases with custom logos, there are CD/DVD options available which offer customized menus to make for a more professional, branded appearance as well as for easier use by recipients. Options exist for preloading data on CDs and DVDs as well. These can be great options for health care providers to transfer medical reports, radiology images and other medical files between physicians and facilities. 9. Recycled Note Pads From Customized Recycled Memo Pads to Logo Imprinted Recycled Sticky Notes, eco-friendly options are available with more and more styles and options. From home to office, people continue to jot notes even with the proliferation of email and social networking. Often, these notes are posted on refrigerators, file cabinets and desks. With a customized logo, these recycled note pads can promote companies, groups and causes hundreds of times while limiting impact on the environment. 10. Recycled Backpacks Custom Logo Recycled Drawstring Backpacks are a great eco-friendly promotional item particularly applicable for students. Typically made from recycled polyester, these backpacks are great options for carrying personal items and school supplies. In addition to a giveaway for students, they can also be used as a fundraiser for school and team programs. Larger Customized Recycled Backpacks are available for carrying books, computers and other heavy items. Promotional Recycled Sling Backpacks are somewhat of a hybrid between the drawstring and more traditional backpacks. While comparable in size to the drawstring backpacks, the sling style back packs typically offer a more structured compartment, pockets and a cushioned shoulder strap. These durable backpacks can offer relatively large imprint areas for school, group or company logos. As a more durable product, these back packs and their logo will be around for years to come! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: