Urgent initiative! The ancient Guanyin temple is the most beautiful ginkgo tree bloom Volunteer Recr cancam

Urgent initiative! The ancient Guanyin temple is the most beautiful ginkgo tree bloom Volunteer Recruitment registration starts Guanyin temple is the most beautiful ancient ginkgo emergency initiative: after 10 days, is (Millennium ginkgo tree) to the most beautiful time, is also a good time to turn trouble into public bodhi! According to reports in 2015, the flow reached thirty thousand people per day. In order to allow visitors to the temple, the understanding of Buddhism, there is a direct breakthrough. I hope that in 10 days, when the most people, we all Buddhist disciples to the Dharma, passed to the warmth of millions of compatriots. From the queue to enter the old platform for about two hours or more at a time when the Buddha, we gave everyone a cup of tea, warm words of wisdom, a pamphlet…… Imagine a dragon like long, wait patiently instantly into the most beautiful, the most beautiful of the Dharma with experience! Jing Mu tourists mass will be long, silent shaking! The quality is low, the sound is big, does not keep the rules to become in the past, the Buddha Dharma strength lets the populace feel the respect strength. Which one of the machine, the Buddha and the need to, is the real Dharma, is true compassion, is a urgent eight Party solidarity, is the real Buddha patriotic action. Therefore, ashamed mountain monk cries: in this action, the buddha! Buddhism in all places, through our sincere action, so that each person into the temple, the hearts of the seeds planted the best, after all, everyone can grow a heart of the most beautiful ginkgo tree! At that time, that is, the prosperity of Buddhism, is also the most beautiful china! The ancient Guanyin temple is the most beautiful ginkgo action, there is no reason to hesitate, compassion choice is the world better. Emergency aid action methods: 10 days after the most beautiful ginkgo tree at the time, will continue for twenty or thirty days, then was admitted to the disciples of the Buddha team, can turn on time to serve the public, to provide warm Dharma respect experience. The registration team requires a disciple of the Buddha activities experience, manners of dignity, thirty people to fifty people, at least a day and night of warm service. Temple can provide free accommodation. Merit admission, don’t hesitate! The most beautiful from the moment to start. Please forward, kindness knows no bounds! The ancient Guanyin temple is the most beautiful ginkgo registration: 1 personally valid documents to the temple of the living room registration. 2 online registration: registration website: s N7jYri 3 mobile phone to sweep the two-dimensional code registration: 4 Click at the end of the lower left corner of the reading of the text, but also by the easy registration page qixiu. Note: the two-dimensional code registration team table name please contact the person responsible for completing the questionnaire Temple reception room, do simple statements, the team of more than fifteen people, welcome the public groups to come to the Bodhisattva Dojo, spread positive energy. Registration date: October 27, 2016 place: the temple of the living room admissions: 80 address: Xi’an city Changan District East Street office Luohandong ancient village Guanyin Temple Tel: 029-85867417 (living room) ancient Guanyin temple the most beautiful ginkgo transportation 1, take the airport bus to the west door slightly, South Station (800m) to Cao Yang take the 916 road to the village, South Village Station, three South Fork straight for 10 minutes (walk) to the road, left on board the "ancient Guanyin Temple" instructions. 2, from the train station take the 40 bus to the station or the station West Village edge. The next station, please take 916 road to the South village.相关的主题文章: