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Chongqing Wanzhou high iron 28 day opening and operation of Chengdu 3.5 hour run to Wanzhou original title: 28 Chengdu 3.5 hour run to Wanzhou in November 25th, the reporter learned from the Chengdu Railway Bureau, the new Chongqing to Wanzhou high-speed railway (hereinafter referred to as Chongqing million high-speed railway) will be officially launched operations in November 28th, every day EMU 21 pairs, Wanzhou 1 hours and 40 minutes to Chongqing, Wanzhou is only 3.5 hours to Chengdu. From 8 on November 26th to start ticketing. Chongqing high-speed railway is about 245 km, the design speed of 250km H. The railway from the Chongqing North Railway Station, the station, North Station, Fu Sheng long longevity Lake Station, Dianjiang station, Liangping station, arrived in Wanzhou North station. Chongqing Wanzhou railway is an important part of Zhengzhou and Chongqing railway, and the Chengdu Chongqing high-speed rail, chengmianle passenger dedicated together constitute the Chengdu Chongqing Economic Zone "T" type fast rail frame. This high-speed railway opened to traffic, will further improve the southwest rapid rail network in China, a great convenience for people to travel along, to promote the development of tourism resources, promoting the construction of the Yangtze River economic belt, is of great significance. November 28th, Chongqing million high-speed railway officially opened operations, the daily operation of EMU 21 pairs. The Chongqing north to Wanzhou North EMU 14.5 on the Chongqing north to train 1 on beam Pingnan, Chengdu east of Wanzhou North EMU 5 on the Wanzhou north to Chengdu south to train 0.5. By then, Chongqing public car ride takes only 1.5 hours to reach Wanzhou; Chengdu public car ride takes only 3.5 hours to reach Wanzhou; Chongqing to Wanzhou, Chengdu to Wanzhou railway travel time were compressed by 3.5 hours. Chongqing million after the opening and operation of high-speed railway, along the Dianjiang, Liang Ping, Wanzhou and other counties through high-speed connectivity, which the city along the main city of Chongqing to the 2 hour fast traffic circle, will greatly enhance the residents along the travel efficiency and quality of travel. It is understood that Chongqing north to Wanzhou North EMU two seats, such as the full fare of $98, first-class seat of $157. Chengdu daily "Jin" view of news client reporter Tian Chengchen read: Chengdu Chongqing high-speed train timetable adjustment via Ziyang three trains outage West into a high-speed rail construction project in Qinling Mountains is the largest tunnel through Chengdu to Wanzhou high-speed rail is expected to open at the end of just 3.5 hours into your high-speed rail has made significant progress in Guizhou just 3 hours about相关的主题文章: