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Why Hengda " world "? Xinhua News Agency: the prospective team decision firm – Sohu sports Xinhua Guangzhou October 31st Sports News Title: why Hengda "for your world"? Xinhua News Agency reporter Wang Haoming in 2016 ended, Guangzhou Hengda sixth consecutive years won the "Vulcan Cup", this season in the history of the strongest, the most competitive one, but strong blocking in Suning, Hong Kong, China Shenhua, Luneng, national security, under the constant big can win will excels. High investment is necessary, but is not a sufficient condition for the title, from the market point of view, regardless of the season is winter or summer transfer, Suning, China and Hong Kong is bigger than Hengda action, while wages and bonuses and other inputs, "a new" is not inferior to the defending champion, but they still failed to grab the next champion from the hands of hengda. The reason is Hengda in between 2010 and 2012, yet broke out in the Chinese occupation football market on the occasion, the best domestic players with low cost incurred under, formed a strong team champion. In recent years, Hengda champion Zheng Zhihe pillar CengCheng was free to join, and Gao Lin, Zhang Lin, Zheng Long, Feng Xiaoting? And Yu Hanchao’s transfer fee although seen at the time as a price, but to now, no one can deny that Hengda is copied at the end of history "". Behind the support of the transfer of Hengda decision, is its forward-looking. Success in Chinese football, Hengda high high patterns are being copied. However, the "mode" and "times" must conform to the output of the best results, make the right choice at the right time, is a test of the ability to size up the situation. From the team point of view, after from 2013 for the first time won the champion, super AFC Champions League to record points win, more is to rely on a thick Hengda lineup, the continuation of the champion of inertia. But in the meantime, Hengda club did not completely rely on foreign aid and big – although Hengda foot school has been controversial from birth, but 30 days later, the night, the moment Zheng Zhi academy produced 16 year-old Zhang Aokai wearing the armband, Hengda foot school attention role again. In the domestic players worth the high China occupation football, have such a group of young players, is expected to become the largest gold mine in Hengda football. For the future, Hengda club, in the short term continuation of inertia, competitive position to win the title is still ripe. However, on the other hand, club management may be more important than the champions. 2015, Hengda Club landed three new board, the market value was climbed on the world’s first club peak. But in 2015 a large amount of losses, Hengda emerged a little bright in the 2016 business interim statements, but still with the best club in the world is far from. In the future, based on the copyright income increase, Hengda club when Chinese occupation football seize the historical opportunity, a breakthrough in commercial sponsorship, fans of goods, digital content, let people see the club to achieve a Chaoyang independent operation.)相关的主题文章: