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Wilde in prison: reading in the UK prison becomes art stage Song Peifen: Oscar? Wilde done English reading prison three years ago is now disabled, usher in an art exhibition "open up a fresh outlook in prison". "You may be imprisoned for loving the wrong person!" British stage director and writer Neil Bartlett so sigh. What he said is "the selfish giant", "Happy Prince", "being" the author of Oscar Wilde?. Wilde in the cause of peak imprisonment was arrested for homosexuality, from 1895 to 1897, served in the three prisons have been torture. He is in prison at the longest stay, during this period he wrote "from the abyss" (De Profundis), was released from prison after writing a "prison song" reading, reading and fame. The prison was set up in 1844 to stop the use of 3 years ago, art institutions in September 4th to 30 in October to Artangel day held in prison: "artists and writers" in Reading Gaol, cell, corridor and Chapel are exhibited in the painting, sculpture, video, photography and letters, the prison into art, literature and performing stage. Reading has been abolished for several years, bars, gates, lack of sunshine in the dark and damp, the atmosphere is still strong in prison. In nineteenth Century, all prisoners were held separately and were not allowed to contact anyone. Wilde was arrested in the C33 cell, if you stand in the middle of the arm is extended to both sides of the cell, the fingers can almost touch the left and right sides of the wall, a small area can be imagined! For nearly two years, Wilde spent 23 hours a day alone, only an hour to get out of the house. Cell window only 8 postcards, he described the day only in "Reading Gaol song" see a small piece of the sky. The first year there, he had no paper nor pen, to second years for a new governor, agreed to give him every morning writing a few sheets of paper, but these papers must be handed over to the guards at night. In the paper, Wilde wrote a letter to the 5 words of his lover Posey. Posey Wilde of Alfred Douglas the Duke’s nickname, he is to Posey prison. Since Wilde had to hand in his paper every night, he didn’t have a chance to read the manuscript until he was released from prison. This letter from prison after he died in 5 years since the "abyss". During the exhibition, the 9 Sunday in a row will be a person to the church in a marathon to recite "from the abyss" full text. Participate in the recitation of the actor Ralph Fiennes, writer Colm Toibin, as well as rock singer Patti Smith et al. "Because there are many different emotions from the abyss", Artangel also invited 9 contemporary writers to write to the beloved person, and with his own voice recorded this letter, let people read or listen to in different cell. Ai Weiwei, who was a writer, wrote a very touching letter to his two-year-old son and told him why his father had been missing for 81 days. "I like a beans rolled in a slit, unable to turn Finland相关的主题文章: