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Word lan! The goddess Lan Qin is not good when the   is calm; but, people.com.cn Guangxi channel roaring waves — people.com.cn original title: word LAN! The goddess Lan Qin is not good when this Saturday night is quiet but roaring waves "my new clothes" (the original "goddess’s new clothes", season third) the theme of "retro" raids, is known as the elegant goddess Lan Qin stunning debut, the shining. The goddess of the appearance is to let the audience exclaimed "the powerful word lan!" In the end what happened? We see Lan Qin on the stage of picturesque beauty, retro curls, flaming lips, and wearing a golden tassels skirt, sitting in a red satin build stool, from a dozen meters high air slowly down to the stage, noble and charming let people move not to open eyes. However, the seemingly glamorous calm appearance, in fact, Lan Qin’s heart is "collapse". For showing the most beautiful stage, itself has a fear of heights Lan Qin this was a lot of anxiety. The appearance of the wire from the ground 10 meters high, can only rely on both sides of the red silk, and back to the stage of parallel slide, which originally for acrophobia Lan Qin, is a very big psychological challenge. Not to mention the need to cooperate with the theme of Moulin Rouge retro, showing the goddess of calm atmosphere. Because the wire equipment has been in commissioning, hanging down to the crisis also appeared in the process of rehearsal and recording, down from the air swing on Lan Qin by feeling in the air and not look so beautiful, every time my heart is breaking. The same day, Lan Qin and his longtime friend Zhang Shuai, brought to the "Moulin Rouge" as the theme of the stage show, a variety of other big breakthrough retro nostalgia, we know that the painting is still not able to escape through the flowers were pelvic fate, but Lan Qin is also a step up, a child. In buying links increases, it is hard to recommend Lan Qin, introduced their clothing is "androgyny", not only girls wear boys wear good-looking, also very handsome, the scene is letting a few buyers body try, the picture is really very harmonious and have no sense of violation. Fan Bingbing has won the lucky star partner Zhang Shuai in the "new clothes" in the first phase of the program, and the Lan Qin collocation actually design what will win, the lucky star, everybody is very curious? Possible buyers and the audience more curious of the works of the bidding, then lock this Saturday (October 15th) ten pm, Oriental TV "my new clothes" announced suspense! (commissioning editor Zhou Yule and Xu Jinwen)相关的主题文章: