&quot Helen of Troy; ” Xia Meng Yan more wisdom is not to marry Jin Yong autobots

" Helen of Troy; " Xia Meng Yan more wisdom is not to marry Jin Yong the Sina entertainment television column eight deep water in 50s and 60s of the Hongkong film the first beauty Xia Meng died in a mourning online. Deep eight Jun also in this year on the the Great Wall Princess send miss. To tell the truth, Xia Meng starred in classic films such as "", "" King Tiger bride unequaled in beauty ", the distance of 80 after 90 may be too far. These stills would not arouse any memory of young people, but you can see that in no plastic surgery without PS’s, the real beauty looks like. Xia Meng is tall, elegant appearance. Take the first movie was only 18 years old, has been acting critics certainly. At the three Hongkong the Great Wall film company touted the princess, she was ranked first. She is at the box office grossing guarantee company shows she is always a little green leaves red, always occupy the focus. Whether modern or ancient costume films, she successfully navigated yanyaqunfang. That’s the beauty, with a standard Palace face. But the gossip of the masses of Xia Meng’s greatest sense of curiosity, from the spread of a long time, "the dream of the lover of Jin Yong," the statement. It is said that Jin Yong said, "beauty is so beautiful that no one has seen it. I think she should like Xia Meng only one." Hongkong scholar Shen Xicheng wrote the "Jin Yong" and ", said the dragons inside the queen Jin Yong Yu Yan Huang heroine, with every twinkle and smile like Xia Meng. He said that gold did not personally, but also on Shen Xicheng’s remark that he did not deny. The legend of the book powder to make all kinds of speculation, from Jin Yong’s stunning women have been modeled as a model of Xia Meng, guess the man who likes the object of love, such as Yue Lingshan, the prototype may be Xia Meng. The suspect, summer Mengcheng pure element queen, Jin Yong wrote that the beauty is with her somewhat like Dongguan dongguan. I am — — declared deep eight Jun is Jin Yong’s novel Romance line powder wit, but very gifted with is not good boyfriend or husband is. In addition the title writing will not marry Jin Yong Wen Qing, refers to certain types of Wen Qing, 88 dare not a pole knocked over all Wen Qing kazakhstan. What are some of the specific types of text, and a few years ago, Ning Caishen sent this micro-blog is representative. If this type of Wen Qing, Douan bad heart to take the women to eat dry wipe it, really, most people will not start so heartless. Even many of them have been hurt by women. Jin Yong’s first marriage was like that. Jin Yong married Du Zhifen in 40s and divorced in 1953. When two people from the mainland to Hongkong not long, Jin Yong leaned against a pen in "Ta Kung Pao" when writing a review editor, a part-time writer at film company. To earn money for his family is no problem, but the wife with him in the film industry, has become a movie star’s mind, at that time Jin Yong was not able to help her. After the divorce, Jin Yong did not speak ill of the woman, only implicitly that she knew a number of film companies, the couple gradually alienated feelings相关的主题文章: