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Xiamen hospital informed "mingaoguan" four typical cases of   the government should also lose money — Fujian default channel — people.com.cn original title: Xiamen hospital informed "mingaoguan" four typical cases of breach of government will lose money losing administrative cases of cross regional jurisdiction reform anniversary, "mingaoguan" overcharged case nearly two times, the Executive lost 11.83% in September 21st last year, part of the administrative cases in Fujian province began to implement cross regional jurisdiction, "mingaoguan" cases where the defendant not by the court. Reform in the past year, Xiamen administrative litigation what happened? Yesterday, the Xiamen intermediate people’s court official WeChat informed the relevant circumstances. According to reports, the inter regional jurisdiction of administrative cases, originally from the Xiamen intermediate people’s Court of first instance administrative cases accepted delivery is accepted by the Zhangzhou intermediate people’s Court of Zhangzhou; a case accepted by the court of Quanzhou; Quanzhou by the Xiamen intermediate people’s court accepted the case. This brings great changes to the court trial work, over the past year, the surge in the number of cases, filing difficult to solve the basic. The Xiamen intermediate people’s court received administrative cases 188, an increase of 193%. And after the cross regional jurisdiction of administrative cases, the people of the local court can not just hear the administrative case of the concerns of the gradual elimination, to participate in the proceedings of the resistance weakened, the willingness to coordinate and resolve. This year, as many as 255 Xiamen District Court of first instance administrative cases by coordination after the withdrawal of the. However, the court also found that the current administrative trial in Xiamen is also facing some problems, such as abuse of litigious rights and the rise of malicious litigation. In the Xiamen intermediate people’s court in Quanzhou v. case, land and housing levy and the levy demolition of compulsory measures by the number of cases of such cases accounted for 40%, has been part of the case Quanzhou court litigation, and to the Xiamen court, in order to obtain the demolition resettlement compensation and additional interest. "Mingaoguan" four typical cases of breach of government was sentenced to losing money the plaintiff Kang because of the demolition and the town government signed the land compensation and resettlement agreement, under the agreement, the town government shall deliver the relevant resettlement housing, within the agreed time limit overdue submitted, shall bear the liability for breach of contract to pay a fine. Because of other reasons, the town government failed to deliver the settlement in accordance with the agreement. In this regard, Kang believes that the town government default, should be submitted in accordance with the provisions of the overdue fines continue to pay fines until someone else. Ultimately, the court found that the town government did not have a legitimate reason for failing to comply with the administrative agreement agreed to the delivery of housing, is a breach of contract, it was ordered to continue to pay the town government in accordance with the agreement to pay overdue fines. Judge commented: with the administrative agreement formally incorporated into the scope of administrative litigation, administrative proceedings against the land acquisition compensation agreement and other violations of the administrative proceedings filed more and more. The administrative organs as the administrative agreement, with a dominant position is relatively strong, the responsibility consciousness is relatively weak, the lack of adequate for the consequences of default expectations, failed to timely take measures, the impact on the credibility of the administrative organs, which should be paid attention to. The government road closures, merchant court plaintiff 21 Department of Quanzhou City area road operating hardware business, the prosecution asserted that the defendant Shishi people’s Government in order to make the road)相关的主题文章: