Zhangzhou will build 150 meters through the first high-rise building is about to start www.hotavxxx.com

Zhangzhou will be built 150 meters through the first high-rise high approval will start the day before, is located in the urban area of Kowloon Avenue on the west side, Xiangcheng Road north of the town of Jianyuan yuan · south through the high approval is about to start. New town court · southern project by the new town real estate group, the project proposed 150 meters high landmark building, the current Zhangzhou city has approved the highest building. Project planning planning the project planning and construction of 5 buildings, 1 buildings of 47 floors, 2 building 46 layer double plate, 1 building 46 layer plate, 1 40 storey penthouse floor plate, a total investment of 750 million yuan, with a total area of 30782.12 square meters, total construction area of 171396.66 square meters. 132363.11 square meters on the ground, including a comprehensive market area of 9544 square meters, residential construction area of 111157.56 square meters, commercial construction area of 9319.06 square meters, underground floor, respectively, 4802.43 and 34231.12 square meters. The total number of 908 households, 978 parking spaces, 1671 parking spaces for non motor vehicles. Source: Southern Daily, Xiangcheng News Center Zhangzhou Xiangcheng news report Xiang WeChat >相关的主题文章: