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Zhou Enlai made a great contribution to the cultivation of the spirit of the long march contribution — Yunnan Channel – people.com.cn Zhou Enlai for the victory of the Red Army, the noble spirit and excellent quality has great effect on the infection and led the Red Army officers and men. It can be said that Zhou Enlai is important to cultivate the spirit of the Long March, and the long march spirit of unremitting practice. Despite the different interpretations of the party during the period of the long march spirit connotation and constantly enrich and develop, but in general, there are several points in common. The firm ideal faith, reflected in Zhou Enlai was extremely prominent, which has become the basic spirit of the ideological core of the long march of 1934, against the fifth "encirclement and suppression" failed, the Red Army was forced to embark on a long road. As a "group of three" members of Zhou Enlai, responsible for implementation of "urge military readiness plan, and can not hear all the things". But he to the party and the people’s interests, to play its influence in the major decisions of the firm, the Red Army officers revolution belief. The long march of the Red Army two months ago, Zhou Enlai proposed in the "Red Star" editorial "sixtieth new situation and new victory": "we must resolutely get to the enemy’s rear to carry out guerrilla movement, the creation of new Soviet Area, to create a new army, take more aggressive action to mobilize the enemy, the strategic change, in order to destroy the White army in the war movement." It has been declared the Zhou Enlai firm belief in the upcoming transfer strategy to win, it advocates the belief to the Soviet Red Army officers and cadres. In the Long March, although the Red Army has experienced numerous hardships and dangers, but Zhou Enlai has always maintained a spirit of optimism, at the same time, the soldiers of the patience to do ideological work, to enhance the confidence of the army. Chen Yun in the "West travelogue" in the army have vivid records: "after a few mountains, no way…… The mud is very deep on the mountain, the legs crawl in the mud ditch. On this mountain is only thirty, but since the morning walk, the rearguard at midnight is the top of the mountain. No person, certainly can not find the torch, so most of the stands in the muddy ditch, until dawn after down the mountain. Vice chairman of the Red Army Military Committee Zhou Enlai (for the cooperation between the KMT and the Whampoa  military academy director of the Political Department) is also on the top of the mud ditch standing in a night, the next morning I saw the still refreshed, but has been covered with mud." All the Red Army soldiers "everyone up without complaint", and "morale", "the firm has unlimited future". It is precisely because there is a Zhou Enlai like there are thousands on thousands of ideals and faith, and the unremitting fighting, the Communist Party and the Red Army will never change until death, the party and the Red Army was able to survive the difficulties and hardships in adversity, from defeat to victory. Firm ideals and beliefs, Zhou Enlai is the spirit of the long march to contribute the most basic ideological core. Zhou Enlai’s spirit of seeking truth from facts and seeking truth from facts in the long march is an important nutrient for the long march spirit irrigation. In the early stage of the Long March, Zhou Enlai supported the military strategy of the land in a realistic way. During the Zunyi conference, Zhou Enlai established the leading position of the military route on the ground of Mao Zedong. After the Zunyi meeting, the Red Army under the leadership of the Mao Zedong military line, one after another victory, but the victory was not achieved相关的主题文章: