Zhou Zhuohua and his wife Chen Huiling together hold family intimate performance week remonstrate

Zhou Zhuohua and his wife Chen Huiling together hold family intimate performance week week Zhuohua ex-wife and Zhou family enjoyable Sina entertainment news according to Hongkong media reports, Macao gaming and entertainment culture, fierce sun boss Zhou Zhuohua, although one gave birth to two children confidante Liu Bi Li, but he and Mrs. Chen Huiling who neither friendly nor aloof. Recently, two people from time to time with the attendance, performance intimacy, seems to have the potential of composite. And Zhou Chen Huiling all had a good relationship, recently also opt to attend the dinner party dress supporter Chen Huiling, Mrs. Zhou, there was only one. Although Chen Huiling has long been announced with the separation of Zhou Zhuohua, but in fact, the two men have also repeatedly with the activities of the field, the wife of the various kinds of hospitality to the president, the two of them seem to have a complex potential of the. Earlier Chen Huiling more rare in the online drying out himself and Zhou Zhuohua in a number of activities on a large photo of the ribbon, one saw Zhou Zhuohua holding the little girl with a photo of Chen Huiling, a family of three and finally there are a rare opportunity. Although Chen Huiling and Zhou Zhuohua’s relationship seems to have improved, but the true number of complex or unknown. For dinner Chen Huiling wore a white low cut dress, brilliant, full state. Although Zhou has left home, but Chen Huiling and Zhou family still maintained a good relationship, especially the eldest son of Zhou Zhuohua and his ex-wife was born, two people are also friends of the mother. They have arrived home dinner last week said Chen Huiling, including two female baby Zhou Zitong and Zhou Shantong, Pakho Chau, and Zhou Zhuohua’s father, it seems genuine too week position has never wavered. Users see this warm photo, message is almost all consistent praise, said Zhou Zhuohua and Zhou people very happy, think Chen Huiling is the real heroine. (commissioning editor: Lolo)相关的主题文章: