Zhoushan, a beauty test driver’s license action is not in place to do this kind of thing coach shdoclc.dll

Zhoushan beauty driving test action to do such a thing to punish passed his driving buddy knows in coach, in order to get the license as soon as possible, students sometimes have to coach the better attitude, but Zhoushan has actually become aggravated a coach or even to female students, moving from the crooked brains! Recently, Zhoushan, a young woman at the age of more than and 20 students, because the test didn’t pass very distressed, with her learning coach claimed to punish her, for she still coach car made a series of difficult behavior! The 50 year old Zhang is a coach of a driving school in Zhoushan City, Wang in the car driving school for a long time, earlier this month, Wang did not pass the first test, then, driving arrangement this new road coach Zhang for her. That day, Zhang with Wang and other two students in a more remote place to practice the car, the two students have something to leave early, leaving only Zhang and Wang on the road, the two. Around 1 in the afternoon, the coach Zhang suddenly said: "your car is not good, what punishment?" Wang did not care, thought the coach joked: "hit my head. What happened next, let Wang never thought, when a car drove up to the red light intersection somewhere side practice to pull over, coach Zhang was usually courteous and accessible will hand in her blouse! In the coach car, coach Zhang Wang drove the wrong action on the grounds, repeatedly knead chest, touch thighs and other parts of the way of privacy compulsoryindecent Wang Wang, although very inconsistent coach moves, but considering tomorrow to test if coach to give yourself the trouble, temporary silence. Coach Zhang see Wang buganshengzhang, more bold, then repeatedly dipped into the Wang’s shirt, make a bad behavior, although later Wang tried to stop but of no avail. Because of the remoteness of the surrounding and no passing vehicles, Wang is very afraid, only to hide in the back to protect themselves, then coach Zhang actually had turned to the solution to her shirt, Wang Moubian hand over his chest, while micro letter for help to the boyfriend. After the incident, Wang reported the matter to the police in the accompanying boyfriend. Zhang suspects because of compulsory indecency, their behavior has violated the "People’s Republic of China criminal law" the 237th regulation, alleged forced indecency, has been Putuo District people’s Procuratorate approved the arrest. At present, the case has been transferred to the prosecution review. (the text is a pseudonym)相关的主题文章: